End of trail?


What happens when you clear level 23 - 11? Is that the end of the game?


No, the game continues. The map levels can be played and replayed for loot.


There is no bonus for finishing the map, so only do it for the challenge. You will spend most of your time replaying the lower levels for better drops at less energy cost


I finished yesterday, what a let down, so bonus, no gift, no nothing other then silly story lines. :confused:


Just like every other province, the last one can be fought and re-fought for loot. Rise up and go looting! :wink:


At least the loot was the highest available in the whole campaiGN. :wink:


Well, technically there is a bonus. You do get the outpost and a 5% increase in production forever. That’s pretty good. You should also get a gem reward for finishing the map.