End of gamę SG

I think that game is almost dead. SG is very close to end. Is boring and nothing news. All the time around the same things and Play. It is good time to cancel the game or do some new !!! How long players will be waiting? DO SOMETHING


According to recent news, the exact opposite is true, millions are logging in and at least a unique million are playing daily.

Perhaps you might want to peruse Coppersky’s Compendium to learn about this game: :wink:


Been playing since January 2018 and love it.

I’ve been here since April 2017, and while it’s true that players come and go, that’s been true of every game I’ve played over the last 25 years.

For me, the test is if I become more interested and invested over time, not less. :wink:


Nothing new? Do something?

In the last year, ignoring regular adjustments to heroes and occasional dramatic revisions to raid mechanics, we have seen:

  • Introduction of Heroes of the Month

  • Introduction of troops

  • Introduction of monthly special events

  • Introduction of seasonal special events

  • Introduction of elemental chests

  • Introduction of rare quests

  • Introduction of trophy win/loss predictor for raids

  • Redesign of team power measure

  • Redesign of player profile view

  • Introduction of alliance wars (and subsequent adjustments)

That’s just what I remember, and I have a notoriously bad memory.

Boring and nothing new? Okay.


I don’t understand the mindset of people who post ■■■■ like this. If you are not happy just move on … why do you need to try to spread negativity on community forums? This thread offers absolutely no value whatsoever. You didn’t even take the time to properly articulate a thought.

These threads are just a ••• medium for people who get off complaining about stuff. It’s like WoWarcraft where people spend all day talking about how much the game sucks on their forums, then go home and spend all night playing the game they love. Pretty toxic culture.


I’m just not sure if it can be a ••• medium with only one person joining in. I feel like that must be something else…?

(He’s the only one complaining on this thread, is what I’m saying).

Also, I’m not sure his primary language is English… I’m guessing it isn’t but not sure.

Lastly - the toxic part of this game’s culture, from my experience, has been anytime someone posts something that isn’t in line with your commonly agreed upon truths… they are met with STRONG, often quite rude, posts. Much like yours, sir. Which do little if anything to add to the discussion here.

If any of you really at all cared about the OP, the first questions you should be asking are something like “what would you like to see done that isn’t done?” And then maybe have a discussion about why that isn’t reasonable.

Instead, we have a gaggle of people jumping down this person’s throat because his mindset doesn’t agree with yours.

That is toxic.


There would be a more receptive response to these threads if folks brought suggestions to them. What will hold this person’s interest to stay?


This game only recently celebrated its first birthday. How can it be dead? I think the amount of new content and gameplay tweaks is pretty impressive for such a new game.


Generally you are absolutely right.
But if you are here long enough to see your 100th player whining on something wrong like this, you just go with the STFU.
At least complain in a creative manner!

For the OP: just so you know, there’s new content approaching very soon.


FWIW I don’t disageee with you. People bringing problems without proposed solutions is poor form.

However, I think the established players responding to this with an effective STFU is a hallmark of a toxic community. Having the fortitude to smile and ask “what do you need, sir?” Or even NOT RESPONDING AT ALL would be better :slight_smile:


I don’t disagree with you at all, my post brought just as much value as his post. Fits the thread well.

I only ever make posts like that where I don’t feel there is room for discussion. The OP did not create a thread for discussion, they created a post to say a company should fold its business because their product doesnt satisfy them. You posts tactless things, you get tactless responses.

I don’t care about the OP, I feel no obligation to try and convince them they are wrong for feeling the way they do. I’ve been around the internet long enough to know such things are a waste of time and effort.

For every thread asking how Wars scoring works, there are 10 complaining that “SG needs to fix their stupid broken war scoring system” because when they set defense teams of a single hero to try and scam the scoring system it backfired and they lost the war.

Sometimes, you can only ignore so many before you have to just speak your mind. I’ll stay away from further responses here now and you can continue whatever discussion you think can be had on the OP topic.



You win the internets LOL

I’ve only been playing since December and I thoroughly enjoy the game. For me it’s about improving, perhaps when I get to the point where I can’t advance anymore I may feel differently but as long as there are new heroes to get every month, a different event to compete in and alliance to communicate with, I don’t foresee this game ever really getting stale.


I like what you posted and felt you spoke for a number of other silent posters. Sometimes when we speak, we are respresentative of others, and only discover that when they end up clicking “like”.

OP’s initial post neither encouraged “vibrant discussion” nor was “constructive” as per Forum Rules, yet OP was given their chance to speak, as this was their viewpoint…and the community resoundly replied against this viewpoint…which is the community’s right to do so.


Exactly - when someone posts a BS garbage “everything you like here sucks” post, the community is not required to respond with open arms and lullabies and “why are you crying” sympathy. Jackass attitude is best dealt with a “go away until you’re ready to behave like an adult”. Unless they want to pay me $350 an hour for therapy. Then I’ll gladly do all that.

But when someone comes in just wanting to throw poop around,


I like your kind, and turtles…never forget the turtles…ever! :turtle:

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It is… I mean I don’t wanna infringe on peoples’ rights. But can’t they resoundingly reply nicely? Or attempt to create a constructive discussion out of the rubbish OP?

Or, just say nothing and let the post die?

It’s entirely possible OP isn’t an adult. So that could take some years.

There’s also a sizable chasm between ‘environment encouraging constructive discussion’ , ‘lullabies and open arms’ , and the word-salad equivalent of ‘STFU and go away’

I’m saying… aim for the first thing there or just let it be. Otherwise you’re probably just yelling at a 14 year old Chinese kid who doesn’t speak much English and has no idea what the heck they’re doing. (For example)

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Wow! @Duaneski , that was pretty solid man.
Kinda like a full mana special from a 5*

My respect has just shot up to ascension Tier 4, Level 80 & that’s without any Damascas Blades.

I take my hat off & place it on my heart.:pensive:

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You didn’t have to call it a “•••”, that was disgusting in any family environment.

And yes the OP may not have the skills to articulate themselves, could be age, not first language, or just inexperienced.

I wonder if the moderators were ok with that vulgar “•••” comment?

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