🏜️ End of an Era (Part 5) -- Untold Tales Completion Thread

anyone know what other clips are there to defeat last stage boss hard mode?
i tried 4 blue & 1 red & also rainbow mode but all failed.

Hard mode done!

First wave was surprisingly easy. I was worried about the revive mechanic, but the bosses had such low health it didn’t matter

Then I got complacent and didn’t heal my heroes properly in the next stages… but finished it anyway :slight_smile:


this at hard mode yeah?

Yeah, that’s hard mode!forgot to specify

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Did you turn the sound on?

Finally managed to clear this like after maybe 3 or 4 tries hooray! Thanks man.

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Awesome!! Congrats on making it, yahoo!!

@Ghost yrs I did, the music was great!

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Personally, I use the same team for almost all events that could be potentially difficult and this team performs well everywhere :slight_smile:

The only change I made here is Shar’Khai instead of Miki. When I didn’t have Quintin (SE) yet, I used cYunnan or Franz :wink:
(the image is from YT, because I already deleted the video from my phone).

I guess they might have tweaked the hard mode or I wasn’t paying attention until it got irritating. That first wave was quite difficult. That resurrect mechanic kept gut punching me and reviving and healing the whole board. But once I got past that, the titan battle wasn’t that difficult.

Got a nice new avatar to show for my struggles.

Therefore, it can be said that “cheap” Kravekrush was a great choice for many players during the last SE.

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Just finished both difficulties. With the 15 free summons collected from finishing the level + missions, I pulled Thalassa which I ascended, LB1 + 20 talents straight ahead. It will replace Kiril (2 costumes) for my titan team.

Got Proteus costume, which I am very happy about.

Also filled the 100 summons for the Fated Summon, so I got Frida which will replace Nordri for the titan team.