🏜️ End of an Era (Part 4) -- Season 5 Completion Thread


Finally. Recognition from SG that iron is useless so why bother giving to us


Yeah end of an era of dissapointmend… spend inctedible much with season coins and pov coins .Zero 5* Hero… season 4 normal and hard 2 5* heros… lmaa this game sucks more and more

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“eh, most long-time players have more iron than they can use anyway! They keep complaining about having to craft Turtle Banners and Arrows to use their iron up!”


Completed 4 days ago.
Definitely easier than S4 pre-nerf.

Used the following team throughout.

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And then use up my food to transmute those banners and arrows into something I’d actually in battle. Honestly, would love to craft time stops and tornadoes and even dragon bombs to use up my iron if it didn’t cost so much or require mats that are easy to burn through after 2 days of farming for them.

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I like the 5th Season. It was not so hard to win the normal version. The story was OK and better than the story in season 4 which was a little bit confusing. My pull results so far were bad in both seasons, but in the dessert I got three 4* heroes. comparing with 2 so far in the underground it was better, but bad comparing with Atlantis and Walhalla where I got 2 legendary heroes so far.
Cheers Reder

This story had so much potential, but in the end it fell super flat and was overall underwhelming. The bosses were great, but the waves were super tedious and the heroes that came out of this portal are either really good or really bad, no real in between unlike seasons past. Overall, this was my third favorite season. My rankings are as follows:

1 season 3
2 season 2
3 season 4
4 season 5
5 season 1


How much did you pay for for your team ?
I dont expect a real answer but i think alot…

yeah, my interest got piqued with the whole “maybe Set was RIGHT, just doing things the wrong way” bit, but this fell flat in the end…


I can’t help but think the …story… basically boiled down to “oh noes, a dark corruptive influence wants to overthrow the established order and rule all!”

which is really different from the other Seasons in that…

oh wait

I mean of course I’m generalizing, but, arguably, not that much.

I agree with @sleepyhead that if there had been some story elements about what the problems already were in this land that Set et al were reacting to, then there could have been a “and we’ve learned to not let things get out of control so much that Dark Forces arise to overthrow everything in order to make the lightning-powered trains actually run on time” moment or even “maybe we can learn something from our ancient ancestors without letting them flood the land with mummies,”

but instead, the established order and existing gods (who seem maybe not to have been doing their jobs even before being corrupted?) are Right, Set et al are Wrong, and, well, the usual


(credit: Brian Clevenger’s 8-Bit Theatre)


Rudeness is free. You got nothing for your comment.

Well i dont think so … Shows exactly whats wrong with his game is… Only the big whales are in position to win most off turnaments… Only big whales are able to get high ranks in challange events…should i continiu??

I dont kniw how expesive such teams are, but i know the answer…even without an answer…

Yea easy challange no problem…shows team …everyone have no problems with such heros…

I play this game over 3 , nearly 4 years and my best team is 5040
And this team is over 2 years old…

And that allows you to rudely ask how much someone spends? A game really makes you this angry? Seems you’re your own worst enemy.


I don’t know what’s your definition of “a lot” though i do summon quite a bit but am no whale, at best a dolphin. My luck has been super bad though so that i don’t have most top heroes.


You don’t need to be a whale to win everything. Just need the right set up and maybe a little luck at times. Like i could raid till global #1 any time i feel like it even without the latest shiniest OP heroes and I have done that countless times.

I’m guessing that you’re ftp given that your best team is 5040. I’m also almost 4 years into the game (started 13 Mar 2019) and my level is 116. S5 really isn’t that tough for me and I’m sure you can do it too.

That’s fortunate for you, but there’s a vast gulf between “I can” and “so anyone can.”

What helps with the end of S5, of course, is the Crook & Flail amulet which upguns 3* and 4* heroes, but getting there can be an issue for some folks (arguably, if you can chug through enough areas to get to Crook & Flail, then do you need it to finish?)

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The key for me has been using elemental defense down + defense down heroes going 4-1 with 2 healers. Of course we also need to know how to work the boards.

Cleared the hard mode boss fight at first attempt with a rainbow team.

Got a bit hairy early on when Kullervo died but thanks to the Crystal Benben and Udjet Eye amulets it was relatively straightforward.

Once those stacks hit 10 the mana bar of Set hardly moved :laughing:


Also finished Hard boss. Used some funsies team so the battle wouldn’t be over in few minutes, so no Oceanus or Miki.

I tried to capture what each Set’s skill does. Yeah, Set’s special for Round 3 is funny, Relucant Dark Soldier Minion and 62 poison damage :biohazard: to all over 2 turns :rofl:. It’s apparently meant to be a fight against almost completely exhausted Set.

Otherwise I don’t know whether it’s even harder than regular match.


Completed last stage in hard too but forgot to take a pic :sweat_smile: