📯 End of an Era (Part 2) -- Season 3 Completion Thread

I thought it would be hard so I brought a lot of fancy battle items… turn out to be very easy… half of battle items remaining…

Noor 4/80
Mitsuko 4/80+14
Santa Claus 4/80
Boldtusk© 4/70+20
Guardian Falcon 4/70+20

@Homaclese I never regret maxing Noor :wink:


Well, I’m done with Hard now.

It’s kind of anticlimactic, since the story cutscenes don’t play after Hard. So it just sort of ends, and then there’s just the Mission icon with a 1 on it.

Considering this is probably the end of E&P for me, some end credits would be nice. :man_shrugging:

I used this team:

I actually used the Battle Items, though maybe an attack debuffer (item or Hero) would have been more effective. That’s how I made it through S2 Hard back in the day, with Scarlett as the MVP.

A little tricky at a couple moments, but not terribly hard on the whole.


We truly gonna miss you.:cry:
Wish you all the best! :hugs:


I’ve completed Hard Mode about 2 weeks ago, I only forgot to posted it in here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I used the exact same team as for the Normal Mode, those minions from Freya and Krampus are life saver… little mean helpers. :rofl:
Also big credit to Alberich, he is been going with me in every fight, everywhere… unless there are special restrictions.
I had no need to use any of my battle items. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The fight was fun, it took me about 13 minutes to finish it.
Honestly the main reason of completing the last level was for the mats, I’ve been struggling a lot getting them lately… I needed those rings for my poor Grazul, she’s been waiting for them for the last 4-5 months … now she’s a happy warrior. :blush:


I completed hard with:
Kiril - Finley - Sartana - Proteus - cRigard

Used Time Freezes, Tornadoes, Big Manas, Revives.

I got killed with like 3000 Health on Nidhogg, which essentially forced me to use a continue, since I wasn’t going to waste that much hardware a second time.

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I completed in hard mode with :

  • Alfrike 4/80
  • Guardian Panther +19
  • Jabberwock +20
  • Lady of the Lake +20
  • Mother North +20
    Using only mana potions and ressurection papers (I don’t know the english name). The last level was easier than some others, like those with draugrs.

I’ve just finished the hard mode with this team:

I expected to suffer more. In fact, the most critical moment was at the beggining, where the bosses’ first hits pointed at Gullinbursti and the pig was about to die.

I knew that the bosses’ special attacks were the most dangerous one, so I took mana potions and tornadoes for Proteus, and it worked.

The combo of sharing damage and defense up of Wilbur, the attack down of Richard and the boosted heal of Gullinbursti didn’t make me suffer in any stage. I just had to be careful with the dispel counter.

Regarding pulls (and after having used the last coins that I got today), I have just one 5* from S3, Lord Loki. It’s pretty curious, as the single 5* hero from S2 that I’ve got is another blue, Ariel.


Nice job mate. That is impressive with only 1 5 Star in the team.


Hello Everyone,

I have a quick question. How can I fight S3 bosses (like Almur or Fura) with S1 heroes only? I mean that they reduce health and I can’t do anything with that. Easy difficulty is fine, but what I can do in hard mode? Is it necessary to have S3 heroes that boost health?

I fought them without any health boosters. Their specials cap at a certain % of max health anyway… Almur and Fura didn’t give me that much trouble, I remember taking two healers always.

You could consider bringing the S1 mana controllers like Chao or Li Xiu or Little John…


Thank you. I thought that defeating them in hard mode may be too difficult. :blush:


Hard mode really just adds HP to the enemies it isn’t any more challenging otherwise, if you can beat it on normal you just have to basically play longer to do it, and if your concerned as suggested above just play with one more healer than you usually do, it will take longer but you can do it.

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Taking on your advice for a team setup first, I brought out those exact heroes:

Gullibursti / Tiburtus / Rigard / Domitia / Proteus

w/ Super Mana Potions, Mana Potions, Time Stops, and a Miracle Scroll.
For the most part, I managed to survive both Ymir and Surtur after clearing the first phase, but the moment I got to Nidhogg and reached halfway, two heroes (Gullibursti and Domitia) died. I thought I’d press on until at least 1 more died before I used a miracle scroll, but Nidhogg got charged up and (World Tree at x2.0), his special skill wiped out the rest of the team.

Did the forbidden action of using gems to continue because I was frustrated and had already taken advantage of the reduced WE and battle items to let this go to waste. Managed to kill him with maybe only Domitia (for the second time) dying.

Down the line, I’ll retry it again with maybe higher-tier heroes leveled up. Maybe with suggested Vivica or with my Grazul again after I max her. (she seemed to help negate the debuffs whenever I couldn’t avoid the special skills, like with Nidhogg.)

Thank you!

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Thank you for the advice as well! I definitely took Proteus, who aided a lot with surviving the first two Giants. If I get Vivica leveled all the way, I may make an attempt with her included.

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