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So i still have to finish some levels before i can say I’ve completed all the maps on HARD mode but with Atlantis Rising popping out today i wanted to give a shot at the last level on hard without losing too much WE. Usually im an attacking guy, always taking just one healer some maps even on hard none or just Aegir. I was very conservative on this try and it payed off but that was a long battle/struggle.
This was the team i came with to deal with Ursena on hard and won on my very first try. Always wanted to try a team full of healers and this was the perfect battle to give it a shot. Melendor died 2 timed so i used some scrolls, Rigard was always on the edge too:

Used some mana potions very few healing potions (with all these healers around lol) and revived two times Gandalf.



I’m usually a very conservative player. I would love to have been able to put up that lineup against Ursena. Congrats on the win!

You know why i aint that conservative? Its because all my healers that now i have [most are on that pic but i have a second Gandalf maxed but without any emblems] came very late in my gameplay, first because im f2p so i aint doing any pulls apart from those that come form free gems and coins and second because i was probably very unlucky with these pulls, always getting offensive heroes. So this kinda changed my way of playing, i had to struggle and find ways to stay alive without any healer [my only healer at the time was Belith which took me a long way - until i received my first Gandalf and that was very late in the game - i believe i already had a 3400/3500k TP defense].
But back to the subject, yeah it was a fun team to use, I had moments where i’ve struggled a bit because you’re basically doing only tile damage and its not much and there were moments where the board was closing on me, but with the right timing and strategy I pulled this off. I even thought to flee from the fight because it was taking too much, but yeah a team of healers can pull this off pretty good, it just take time patience and a bit of strategy. Synchronizing Bold, Kiril [so i dont mess up the > attack from Bold wasnt easy since you have to keep an eye on the timer too since every 5 turns Ursena heals and cuts all your buffs] and Aegir wasnt easy.

Fellow F2P, and I’m feeling that. I had crappy luck on three-star healers, but great luck with four-stars. Between Sharon and Sabina, I had to get creative, as you said. Poor Friar Tuck isn’t much of a stopgap, but I think Sabina and Melendor were my second and third (or fourth) four-stars, respectively, and I ran them both together for month. Rigard finally came along, so Sabina has been bumped to second team (but still has 11 talents!)

Looks like you’ve made up for lost time, though. I still don’t have Boldtusk or Kiril, and post-buff Aegir is a great tank.

Focus is an underrated part of this fight. I made several attempts before I got it right. Tried too late at night a couple of different times. Finally beat it on Memorial Day afternoon while my kids were playing in the living room, and my wife was laying next to me taking a nap.

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Once they start coming its like something thats unlocking the gates. Now i have 2 more Bodtusks at 1/1, 2 Kirils at 1/1 and one more Rigard at 1/1 [got 2 from TC20 in less than a month lol]. Rigard was the last to join a couple of weeks ago [27 days ago looking at my post], man that was a painful waiting, seeing everybody using him in challenges and trials…

Then got another one from TC20 a couple of days ago.
I was so happy when i got Aegir, it was only 2 months i was f2playing :joy: with 300 gems [being my first HOTM too], then i found this forum and i was suddenly sad. Now with the buff i kinda take him everywhere with me lol.

Still cant get her nor Wu :zipper_mouth_face:

Sorry for the OT but it is good to remind ourselves the good days, since today i had 500 coins and 800 gems, did 7 Atlantis pulls and only got Gadeirus. [a mini Ares :thinking: and another half healer lol].

That’s my feeling about Boldtusk for sure. Fighter trials would be so much easier with him.

Isn’t pulling the HotM as F2P the best feeling? Bet you can relate to this post.

Now that’s a bummer. Sabina rules. I have Wu, but haven’t leveled him yet. Don’t fight very big Titans in my alliance. In classic four-stars, I’m still waiting on Boldtusk, Kiril, Scarlett, Kashrek, and Chao. Every one would help with class trials.

Not at all. Love thinking about how far my roster has come. Thought my 5 Atlantis summons were gonna be a bust today - 4 dupe 3-stars and a dupe Rigard - but I pulled Ranvir on a bonus draw. Again, I don’t need him for Titans, so not wildly excited, but it’s still kinda fun knowing I’ve got a hero that a lot of people paid a lot of money to get (or not get!) Also picked up an EHT today, so I’ve got 8 epic summons (plus 900+ gems and the Sand Empire EHT still on the board) for seasonal summons. Gonna wait for July for a shot at Seshat, but hopefully at least those will net me my first seasonal hero.

Yep. Congratz on pulling her.

Yeah Wu is avoiding me like hell, we fight 10* titans.
Got them all, Bold, Kiril, Scarlett, Kashhrek and Chao, all maxed minus Kashhrek lol. True story; i waited for Kash all my life, i remember i was fighting in gold and platinum and everybody had him, i was hating him so much even in war everybody was using him. When i got him it was already too late, i was moving in that high platinum low diamond zone and had Boril maxed, so i let him gathering dust at 3/60, then i got two more right after the first one, i ate one lol; its like when you get your first one somethings unlocks and you get dupes.

■■■■ i wanted Ranvir so bad since i dont have Wu. I managed to gather 16 EHT especially for Sand Empire, then i’ve seen that he was the HOTM in June so i wanted to try to get him or Yunan or both lol. Didnt go well :pleading_face:. Yeah June was disappointing for me, did a lot of pulls for a f2p [16tokens+7 atlantis].

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Yeah, I would love to have Yunan. I think the green 5-stars are underwhelming, and he’d make a great tank. Like you, I’m going with Boril for now.

That is a lot of pulls for F2P. Sorry it didn’t go well. :frowning_face:

Here’s my fight with Ursena. Should have brought a defense debuffer besides Panther lol.

15 minutes sped up to just under 10. Those new time freezes definitely came in quite handy!!!


Which heroes should I team up to beat her in hard mode? :slightly_smiling_face:

Mostly healer heavy team and wilbur enough. It takes sometime but it will be easy to beat hard mode.

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I think this lacks in damage. Ursena heals a bit after every 5 turns, so I play 4 hours and it results in a draw :smile:

I was thinking something very similar.

Eh, the heal is fairly negligible. You can overcome it pretty easily with tile damage. It’s a slug-fest with Ursena on hard. Just stay alive, and you will win. As you can see up-thread, @KnifeWonder pulled it off with a team of Melendor, Rigard, Aegir, Boldtusk, and Kiril. There are literally no damaging specials in that lineup. I’d at least give @rapcoon’s suggestion a couple of tries (if it takes that). I recommend getting comfortable and as free of pressure and distractions as possible. It takes patience and focus, but you can do it with mostly tile damage.

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Ursena do not heal, I use 5 healer and complete the hard stage in 70 minutes.

There is a video in that post showing me fighting her with 5 healers.


I did hard mode with full 4* team about 30 mins.
The key point is focus Ursena’s weak point and debuff counter. And try to keep your healers ready.
It is much easier than i thought.

My team was.

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Actually, she does. It is a special stage condition on 27-10. All of your team’s buffs are dispelled and Ursena heals every 5 turns. The heal isn’t much, though. ~200 HP, I think. That’s why you didn’t notice it. It isn’t that big a deal. (I thought it would be the first time, too, but she has so many HP to begin with, a 200 HP heal is barely a blip!)

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Thanks I will try. Which items do you recommend?

Healing/mana. Damage items won’t do enough to matter, even dragons.


It worked thank you very much. Took over an hour :smile:


200 per 5 turn… how many hp did she heal when I took her down in 1 hour and 10 minutes?.. could be close to 10000…:sweat_smile:

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