🔱 End of an Era: Atlantis Season 2 Final Stages Releasing — FAQ & Discussion


Season 2 Normal completed on first attempt. Not as hard as I expected to be after what others were saying and that’s considering I made a mistake with battle items.
I did intend to take in healing potion 75%, dragon Attack, Bombs, miracle scroll, and tornado but didn’t work out that way. Watch the results.

And the Missions reward for Normal was


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Now that E&P has completed season 2, is an Atlantis summon going to be random in the future? I’ve completed easy and hard levels so I’m sitting on a pile of Atlantis coins here and it’s getting uncomfortable. I may be getting a rash from them. Maybe I should put on underwear…HALP!


Update 21, which was just rolled out, was done to launch the Atlantis Rises event. details can be found here:

Basically it is expected that near the end of each month (I think people are expecting the 4th thursday, so 3 days from this post) the Atlantis summons will come back (with a couple new heroes), all Atlantis stages will cost a bit less world energy, and loot from Atlantis stages will be increased.

So it sounds like it will be a new monthly event focused around season 2. We’ll have to wait a few months before we can identify the exact timing pattern.


I’ve just finished the hard mode with fully 4* team in my first try. It was easy than i thought. It took 35-40min.

My team was ;

Melendor, Sabina, Boldtusk, Scarlett, Triton
(Minor Mana Potion, Mana Potion, Time Stop, Revive Scroll)

I didn’t use Revive Scroll, Just 2 Time Stop, 9 Minor Mana potion, and 1 Mana Potion.

It is absolutely doable with 4* team. The key point is you should go with health heavy team. And Scarlett’s attack debuff keeps your heros alive.


What team is best to beat the season two final level on hard


Here’s a thread that focuses on that: How to set-up your team for the atlantis boss (hard). It mostly focuses on my unsuccessful (so far) attempts with my roster, but you’re welcome to post yours and get some advice.

So far, the consensus seems to be that this is a long battle of attrition, so heroes with high def and HP, def buffs, attack debuffs, and/or healing abilities fare the best. Mana control also doesn’t hurt. Good luck.