🔱 End of an Era: Atlantis Season 2 Final Stages Releasing — FAQ & Discussion

Didn’t know that. Thx.
Will bring yellow to hard.
The vid of @FraVit93 opened my eyes…


She reflects yellow tiles and specials - ONLY after her special goes off for a few turns.

So if you can take two debuffers and have one of their specials charged when her special goes off (or use some mana pots), then taking yellows is no problem… and a great idea for the extra damage they deal.

I took two yellows paired with two debuffers and don’t think ever had yellow tiles reflected and only used one mana pot… you just have to hold off on firing your debuffers sometimes until after the special.

For second boss, you also have to watch for her clearing buffs every 5 turns, so if you have hero’s who deal Alliments - I had Wu and Onatel - wait until timer is reset to 5 before firing.

Good luck!


The loots are not random.

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Yellow tiles are not reflected

Click for image



For both stages of boss? You sure?

I didn’t take pictures, but was pretty sure.

I have a video and her ability is the same as Mitsuko but yellow instead of blue:


“fin” seems about right when talking about a fish-girl :slight_smile:

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I used Joon, Ares, Jackal, Wu, Wilbur on easy and hard mode. Hard I used some timestops to limit her special as it wipes your buffs making the fight draw out.

I didn’t lose any heroes and I ‘felt’ that there was always a generous amount of tiles stun her in titan form.

Here is me playing the final level with 4* heroes and Leonidas at 3.70… Took two healers for safety so apologies if the video is long and boring. :slight_smile:

- YouTube


Normal Mode:
Double Riposte Unmaxed Classic Only 4* with 3142 TP

This team took me from halfway and to the finish line of normal mode and almost half of hard mode:

Final Battle:
When you lack firepower, use your enemy’s power to your advantage. I feel bad for Boril and Cyprian as I don’t give them ascension materials they deserved… :sweat_smile: Each time Ursena fire her special while whole team riposte active, it damage her around 4000 hp.

At this point, I start saving battle items as I can risk 1 or 2 heroes die.


Will use that avatar for a while… :crazy_face:

Four more summons from coins… still no Wilbur…:sleepy: At least I got Ariel :heart_eyes: + Thoth from first day 10x pull…


Congrats on the very lucky 10 pull!


I was really looking forward to the end and I finally made it! Then I used my loot and I’m about to delete the game. 2x 3* troops, 3x 3* hero and if that wasn’t enough, I opened the ascend chest to get a 3* coat! Much wow. I’m never moving forward in this game :unamused:

Sorry to hear about the 3* troop and hero summons, but you did notice the giant pile of ascension mats you got from the Mission Rewards too, right?

Yeah, I did, and I’m glad. But what do I do with them, when my latest 5* is Zimkitha?

Any 4* heroes to work on? My bench is almost entirely 4* after 10 months of playing, so I’ll actually get more use out of the 3* mats than the 4* ones.

I’m actually at a point where I’m leveling 3* :smiley: I do have some duplicate 4* I don’t want to level, though.

But I’m just complaining, because I had some hope (for some reason) and it was smashed to pieces. I’d rather have heroes waiting for mats than mats waiting for heroes.

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I’ve been leveling a fair number of 3* recently too — Mnesseus, Berden, Rudolph, Belith, and Ulmer have all been recent additions to my leveled 3*, and I’m currently working on Jahangir with my red 1* while I use 2* to bring Colen from 3-60 to max.

Squire Wabbit, Melia, Karil, Gill-Ra, and Tyrum are all coming up fairly soon in my queue too.

Summons are always about hope…which is usually smashed to pieces, since the odds are fairly terrible, especially for a small number of pulls. I can certainly relate.

When I was low on heroes to level (no longer an issue at the moment), I had good results from running 3xtc20 for around 6 weeks. Obviously that really slows down leveling progress, but it’s a good way to get more 4* to work on, and potentially a 5* (I got Vivica and Leonidas from that run).

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I was able to beat normal mode with all 4*s.

Strategy was to use Proteus and Li Xiu to prevent Ursena from using her skill. Kiril and Sabina to heal, with Sabina in reserve to dispel just in case the special does go off. Time Stops in case I can’t stop the boss’ mana. I would time Kiril and Lance’s specials just after the boss dispels buffs, so I could benefit from them for 5 turns.


Did it first try with almost the exact same team, just had Wilbur instead of Rigard. Wilbur helped quite a lot with keeping the team alive between ripostes. Ursena’s blows were more like friendly pets with Wonderful Feast active… Just had to time the specials so Wonderful Feast didn’t interfere with Riposte. Actualy her 5 turns cleansing cycle helped a lot with that… Brought with me medium and big mana pots, timestops and tornados. Used the medium mana, 2 x big mana, 2 x tornado and 2x timestop. I think hard mode will be a lot more difficult though…


That was my squad on normal Wilbur 4/70 Atena 3/70 wu 4/50 Sabina 4/70+6 Li xiu 4.70+6 used 5 arrows 5 axes 12 small health and 9 small mana