End of a season can be a letdown: doesn’t have to be. 5*-only summon coins

Sands (S5) is coming along and it’s making me think about how I felt finishing other seasons. The ascension materials are nice, of course, and the bundle of coins are good…in principle…but in practice the end of a season has been, in my experience, one of each major ascension item, a bunch of duplicate heroes, and maybe one new 4* hero.

It feels like completely finishing a season — including Hard stages! — should feel a little more satisfying than that.

Then: enter Soul Exchange, and its associated “you can buy guaranteed-5* S1 heroes” tokens (to feed into SE, of course).

A solution presents itself.

Include a guaranteed-Legendary-for-that-season coin amongst the Hard season completion reward, at minimum beginning with the end of S5.

To wit: a super-coin, like that offered for sale around SE, only it guarantees one Legendary hero from Season 5. (And then, ideally, a similar feature for each future season.)

Fully completing a season, including all the Hard stages, is a lot of investment, and it’s honestly kind of sad to go to that much effort (especially with an increasing number of twists and challenges in each new season) and possibly never draw even a single 5 star hero from that season. Even for folks who are lucky or don’t mind spending, a guaranteed 5* is a tasty prospect, and this would at least guarantee everyone one Legendary from a season.

It should hardly be unbalancing, given that LOTS of players have maxed and are using any number of S5 5* heroes already; this extra prize would only appear at the end of S5, so lucky and/or spending players would still have a competitive advantage.

It should hardly be difficult, since the coding obviously already exists for guaranteed-5*-S1 tokens; implementing this should be mostly copy-paste work, with a list of S5 Legendaries instead.

And it would definitely make fully completing a season seem more exciting.

Sold. You have my vote Sir Snarksalot!

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I agree. Some of us have had horrid luck. It took me two years to get my first S2 hero. I bought a Skadi from S3 but never pulled a five from there. I finally got a Prof and a Horus recently. Outside of that, those are the only S2-s5 heroes I’ve pulled and I’m gotten every summons coins available so far from all those seasons.

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