End game RIP E&P

This on top of the chore of levelling any new heroes you get that they keep releasing in bucketloads.


Kiss of death…game is already not funny anymore in raids or wars fighting enemies with 5200-5300 Teampower all breaked and +20…

The strong players get stronger and stronger ( big spenders…) and normal players have no chance anymore…in wars, raids or turnaments…

To be honest, this game is in a shitt state…and it get worse and worse every month…time to leave this sinking ship…

And i have to say i regret every cent i paid in this game and playtime of nearly 4 years…


FTP account 5.5 months in

So maybe at the very very top what you say is true… but certainly not at this level. And I suspect there are many “normal” players at this level.


I miss Goon:

She said it nicely on the last go-around.

Sure a 6-month-old account that averages 8 hours a day can likely do what a 2-year-old account that averages 2 hours a day.

But when you get to that point where the progress stalls and you’re shifting around emblems and feeding away fully leveled legendary for the same result you had for weeks. Or even months.

The prospect of yet another chore and more grind, may excite some. But my old heart just isn’t that challenged by a connect-3…


Because this game is so “simple” that making progess and being competitive can only be achieved through investing heavily in “$trategy”… oh wait, no… “$trategy, OR time”… except that is also not so true. I have always pretty much hated most PVE cocntent so I auto farm wherever possible (most levels in seasonal events, most world content, most quests) and in challenge events I only do a few re-runs. I do love raids and wars and tournies, so will do as much of those as I can through the day… but that is for pleasure. As you well know you don’t “progress” much in the game from doing those.

So its “$trategy, OR time, OR…” What is left? Could it possibly be skill/experience/knowledge/tactics? Certainly not, its a SIMPLE match 3 game right? So I guess “$trategy, OR time, OR… luck?” Hmm, but RNG is rigged against players, especially those who don’t spend. So I am confused P… if you dont spend money, or big time, and brain power is certainly not a factor… how does a 6 month old account get to feel “competitive” and not “fall behind” vs all those other nasty paying accounts?


Some people invest money.
Some people don’t.

All of us invest time.
Some more than others.
But we all get to share this characteristic.

Furthermore… every player at the forum has enjoyed the game at some point. Or we wouldn’t be here.

Yes $tragedy is genuine. Emphasis on tragedy That is a real thing. Especially with these passives. $tragedy assist with every aspect of the game, including board management.

Yes strategy is also genuine. I never found board management to require a college degree. Team composition required reading and comprehension, and could be layered, complex and I enjoyed that very much.

Yes players donate time. Very real thing.

I gather that.
I don’t care about rigged comments. I just help them rather than belittle them. Not sure why you direct this at me.

I really don’t think the game is that complicated.
And I apologize if that insults you. :man_shrugging:t2:
It is a connect-3 game. Not sure what else to say. Other than “competition” as you put it: Is a personal marker on a gradient scale. Which definition changes over time.

And for me… I got to a point where progress felt like it stalled. My titans hits were strong. My war effort was admired. And I continued defeating enemies despite the appearance of fully leveled creeps on the day of release. I even got my own clip on the forum of wiping defenses with my unblemmed, non-lb 4*
No problem! I also know how to work boards. You might be surprised to find out many other people also know how to play. You aren’t the only one.

The biggest change over time for me.
Was my enemies. I was at a competitive level where they were evolving faster than me. While my own projects had slowed. With 90 legendary, most times my projects were even unnecessary. And getting key new creeps to work on, slowed! When my wallet closed…
when costumes left the chamber…

Hence… the feeling that progress had stopped.

And now, as per this thread:
We talk about LB2. Which made me
Think of Goon!
And how my feeling of progress will not be assisted by LB2, at the same “competitive” spot as before, when those same enemies will also out level me.

I will still win some
And probably lose more.

Because my strategy is bad?

I think not…
I think the true reason is less complicated


And @Homaclese I think the big difference between you two is that Homaclese by starting new reinvigorated the feeling of progress! :smile:

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hello community
for me it is only the logical continuation. Seeing the first limit break and the levels going up to 85, it was almost obvious that this would happen.
Now the problem that arises is the difference between players who can and f2p. It would be nice to be able to continue playing while having fun and without widening the gaps I can’t say how yet…

the first limit breaks were badly received, these are the same… Let’s try to see and I’m sure that SG/ZYNGA will do what is necessary to adapt in due time.

You have to believe in it and always have fun


Every week new heroes are released and every week top players run to buy them, no matter the cost. It’s these players that ruined the game, SG is just doing what it was designed for… they never thought was there were so many addicts available to spend it all on this little game. Anyone who wants to be at the top will have to get used to spending more and more. The 2° LB will only crush medium/weak players.


Its these players that ensure there is a game for you and me to play


/sign and Amen
20 chars

I spend moderately like most players. Everyone is free to do what they want with their money. I don’t feed greedy in this joke and I think it just ruins the game.

Exactly and twenty more exactlies

Haven’t you been paying attention? This game died long ago and from it’s rotting corpse spawn all sorts of monstrosities… how else would anyone explain the stench and the corruption we witness?

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Seems to be still kicking just fine. Maybe it’s time for you to ride off into the sunset.

lurks hehehe

I’m surprised this thread is still active.

Why aren’t y’all all inactive yet!

Says me :smiling_face_with_tear:


Why wouldn’t it be? It was created 13 days ago?

Back to launch another “Nerf Telly” movement?

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Already did that. My palytime dropped to about 20% of the “good old days”… not to mention my interest… that’s almost entirely gone. And yeah, it’s stil kickin’ all right! It’s kickin’ players away… with a new brilliant move on the dev’s side around the corner… summonable ascension items… wanna reach your teams’s max potential? Open your wallets! Brilliant! Can’t find words express my whole admiration for Zynga’s methods.


You’re still playing and on the forum, regardless of how much you play. So you haven’t already done that.

You’ve spent $0 on this game the entire time you’ve played (according to you). Your wallet isn’t and won’t be open. So, not really sure why you always have to bring up money, wallets, and greed into your complaints. Want to complain? Go for it. Complain about features and the effects it’ll have on the game play. Always complaining about not being able to keep up with the whales as a F2P and the greed/money/wallets makes you look silly. If someone’s so irked and affected by something that doesn’t affect them at all (money spending) I’d expect them to create as much distance between them and that thing that brings them so much unhappiness.


How was hippo nerfed?