End game for FTP: Four TC20s

I have a duplicate Joon I can trade you.

It can take a player 2.5+ years running 4x Legendary trains to get Joon.

Running more than one Legendary Training for 5* heroes is like buying multiple lottery tickets, not great for most people. And just like lottery tickets and your grocery budget, those camps cannot run Extra low cost - you best source of “feeder” heroes.

Personally I resisted running 2x Legendary training until Advanced House was added since Advanced House Level 9 creates 120 recruits per day for 2x 50 recruits for my Legendary training.

Based on Alchemy Lab, I am giving up all hope for Hero Academy. More RNG and my walls do not need more dents.

I am hoping “skins” give me a use for 2x Joon, 2x Isarnia, 2x Elkanen, but if it has heavy RNG, a 30-120 day break from Empires is in my future.

I had high hopes for Classes, but the math means 4*+18 heroes are more like 4.5* heroes than 5* heroes.

Adding insult to injury, there is only one Classic 5* healer and one Classic 5* fast mana speed attack all enemies. I guess I will be the king of the 4* heroes and just watch as my luckier teammates get 5* healers and 5* fast mana speed attack all enemies.


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