End game defense - How would you improve this 5* AW and raid defense?

For AW I am running maxed Boldtusk, Magni, Ares, Joon, Zeline. Nobody attacks me as it is, so maybe I leave things alone. Just wasn’t sure if there is an obvious improvement I’m missing. (Vivica will eventually replace BT)

For raid defense It’s maxed Zeline, Magni, Ares, Joon, Sartana

I am currently leveling Vivica and also have
Obakan, Isarnia, Thorne x 2, Horghall, Gravemaker, Kadilen, Richard
As well as all non event 4* plus Peters, Lancelot

I seem to be sticking around 2400 cups with the current defense. I was briefly up into the mid 2600s the other day but got knocked down 200 inside of an hour. (All the Albys, Guins and Hels up there were a nightmare!!)

Any advice appreciated. I’ve been the guy that’s mentoring my alliance, but we’re starting to get into a more advanced area where I’m not quite as familiar with defense strategy. I’ve read enough here and in 7DD documents to be slightly educated but I have a ways to go.

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Your current defense should go Sartana, Zeline, Ares, Magni and Joon.
Zeline near ares for protection and coming on left to debuff first. Magni near ares for protection too and joon near magni for his defense buff protection.


Another thing to note is that you don’t want to have a second hero the same color as your tank - makes it too easy for enemies to double up on you. I’m looking at Areas and Boldtusk in your alliance wars defense. I know you said noone ever attacks, but it’s a weakness nonetheless.


that’s a GREAT tip! i could replace him with Kiril but he’s probably OK until I get Vivica to her final ascension in a week or two. thanks for bringing that to my attention. i’ve passed it on to the alliance as well.

so other than the minor changes above, there’s nothing to be done with the 5* i have on deck to improve my current defense that anybody would recommend?

I mean, you could consider Isarina in place of one of your single hitters, but you’ve got a pretty kick-butt defense team there.


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