Encouraging regular players

my name in game is Adespotos71, my alliance is Osteria dei Patachini.
I have been regularly playing Empires and Puzzles for almost 3 years now, so I think I can consider myself as a reglular player.
I’m not a compulsive shopper, but I spend a small amount of money every year for this game.
I summon event heroes about 20/25 times per month and I’ve retrained a 5* hero every week since last November (if I remember).
The last 5* hero (1st season heroes excluded) I summoned was Sir Roostley (Easter Event);
The last 5* hero (1st season heroes excluded) from the Hero Academy was Mistandra last February;
The last Hero of the Month I summoned was Glenda (November 2020);

I finished long ago the 2nd and 3rd season hard and I only summoned Baldur (+ Inari from the Academy)

I know that statistics is the base of this game, but I think that regular players, the spine of this game, should be rewarded a little more, this could be good for Small Giant too, because yo know that nobody likes playing without a prize…

Here are some suggestions

  1. increasing summon chances for special events or season to reset once a 5* hero appears;
  2. adding a special token to summon a 5* season at the end of each season (hard mode);
  3. deleting the possibility to get 1st season 5* heroes (it seems I’m particularly good at this) especially with multiple summons) and increasing the possibility to summon event heroes.

Thanks for reading, I hope that my suggestions can be useful


I agree, and would also add to increase the loot. It gets pretty frustrating not getting the ascension materials needed to level up legendary heroes. Same with aethers. You can barely get them, and shockingly SG has offers to buy them regularly.


I don’t understand why people refuse to see the truth and come up with all kinds of dreamy proposals. What in the world made you think SG will ever increase the chances of you (or anyone else) getting a non S1 5* hero? And even more naive, a guaranteed 5* pull for compleating an event… as for the pitty counter, gradually increasing chances until you get a 5*, then reset, it’s been the fruitless talk of the forum for years… the company has a very strict policy when it comes to their money making machine and will never do anything that would lower their income by one cent… summons (for 5* heroes) is the main source of income, so, dream on, that’s all you’re ever gonna get from SG as far as 5* summonings are concerned…


Have you ever heard of reward marketing?
You are right, they want to earn, but rewarding regular players with a good hero once in a blue moon could be a marketing strategy; not at all something that lowers their money incomes, but its exact opposite.
I am not suggesting to give a guaranteed 5* for each event completed, but only for a whole season completed in the hard mode, i.e. two heroes at the moment…
In any case, these are only my personal opinions, SG would probably keep on follow its policy, until shoppers get tired of the game.
Answering your question, what makes me think, as a naive dreamer, that sooner or later they could change their policy is the fact that they are probably pushing the players too far to get a decent hero