Enable transmutation of 3* ascension to 4* ascension materials in alchemy lab

Can SG please please include transmutation of Rare & Scarce 3* Ascension Materials (Orbs, Gloves, Hidden Blade, Shields, Capes, Compass, Trap tools) to 4* Ascension Materials (Rings, Tome, D.Blade,Tonics,Scopes, Darts,Tabards)?

Players own over 300 of each item and have ABSOLUTELY no use for them any longer.

The imbalance between availability of 3* ascension items and 4* items need to be addressed and this can be a great start.

This idea works even if 12 or 20 of the 3* materials are needed for the transmutation.

Upgrade the Alchemy lab with these changes for improved gameplay experience.

At this point some players will trade in these 3* materials for scrolls of alterations and other great battle items.

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