Emulator issue with Season 3 Province 6

Every Province of Season 3 works just fine using the emulator (MEmu) except Province 6 of the Season 3.
When clicking on Province 6, the map opens but it is zoomed in strangely:

It would not be such an issue at all but as you can see, it is not possible to play Stage 10 because you simply don’t see it.
I play wide angle fixed landscape version (window settings) and it is the only Province of all Seasons with this issue.


I am fairly certain that SG does not care. They state what they support; so why is your emulator not thinking it is a Google pixel or something like that? That (above) is NOKIA territory!!!

EDIT: @Pois1; I apologise, you are a person of reputation.

What happens if you rescale the window?

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The problem is in this Province ONLY.
If the rest of the Provinces behaves OK, the problem should not be on my side I think.

When I switch to classic window, there is no problem:


Same issue here.
I’m also using a simulation (I know, it is not supportated).
But issue seems to be related more to the landscape mode than to the emulator tool.

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