Empty storage tower - still losing food and iron when retaliated

So, today was again one of these days. Worked my.way up to local rank 2 and waited for the usual unfair cup loss. Knowing it would come, I emptied my storage tower. So it was 0/0. Got retaliated and all of the 4 attackers got 26k food and 13k iron out of my empty tower.
My tower couldn’t even have 30k food when it was filling after I emptied it, yet they could get 105.6k? With my ratio of filling (14k/h) it would have needed 7-8h to.be that full.
How is that possible? Especially that all got the same amount. My overall food and iron decreased. What kind of unfair treatment is that now? Screenshot_20191013-123108_Empires

Thanks for making my Post invisible by flagging it for a harrmless word. Also a way to suppress reports about problems with the game…

Maybe there are other problems with this game, but not this. First of all, in raid or revenge, a player ALWAYS has an available loot, regardless of the opponent’s tower. Did you ever raid and you had 0 food and 0 iron as available loot? No, you didn’t. Second, doesn’t really matter for you how much the opponent gained. You don’t lose resources actually.

And the most important and this is a basic notion of this game, the tower should be emptied before raiding, not after. If you do that, the opponent will gain on revenge only 4k food and 2k iron. And in your tower will show he gained no resources, just the trophies. Every time you enter raiding look down and see what is written there. “MY WATCHTOWER” That is the loot the opponent will gain on revenge. That’s why you should empty the tower first. Anyway, doesn’t matter anyway. As long as you empty the tower just before to go offline, doesn’t matter how many hours or days you miss; actually you lose absolutely nothing, though the opponents will gain something. Like I said, there is no such thing in the game as available loot 0 food and 0 iron.

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