Empty pull screen

I will try it in English. I hope you understand.

I did 3 pulls and I got 3 hero’s… but then I saw the 4 flickering screen of the portal… and I tought i was lucky with the HotM… but it stayed empty… and it dissapeard within 1 or 2 seconds ???

So 3 pulls … 3 heros… and there after a empty screen after flickering and then nothing…

If it had stayed I could have made a screen dump but is dissapeard…

Better to be the guy that “almost got the HOTM” than be the guy that got no HOTM in 15 month… (that’s me, by the way…) :wink:



Possibly a new feature.
1.8% chance of almost HotM :wink:


Yep almost … :slight_smile:

But did anybody get this also?

If I don’t mistake it, it could be a slow internet connection who can do that. But then again, it usually follows by a hero coming from the gate. So, maybe the hero was to far in that gate, that he end up in Narnia instead of your roster list!

16 months for me. Though I do have aegir in my alt from last year when he came out. But that’s my alt that is collecting dust…lol. Tons more pulls here with none. I have eht for neith but might wait until winter event now.

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