Empty Alliances

Today I did a search for an alliance, and out of the 50 alliances that showed up, besides the one I was looking for, 29 of them were alliances with just one person in it, and only 2 of them with the person active!
Also there are loads of alliances with many members, all inactive, or with only one or 2 still active.
This is very harmful for the game, as many beginners are simply discouraged to continue. The tutorial is lacking about the social content of the game.
The current recruiting problem is serious, as many old timers are leaving, and newbies are simply lost among dead alliances, or creating theirs and just giving up.
Seriously, over 50% of shown alliances a dead end??


Your point is valid. Newbies experiencing this problem should check out the recruitment chat or the recruitment threads in the forum.

There’s no obvious solution to zombie alliances, apart from making them feature less prominently in searches.

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That is where the lack of social content in the tutorial needs adjustment. It is surprising the number of newbies that have no idea there is an AR, or that they can change alliances, or that not all alliances are like the dead ones they are in.



Sometimes, players don’t play for weeks.
They decided to quit definitely maybe ? Or maybe not ?
Thus destroying the account is not an option.
But maybe, if a player does not connect on the last 90 days (3 months !), he should be automatically removed from his alliance.
If he was the leader, then the oldest member is automatically promoted to leader.
If he was the last member, then the alliance is automatically deleted.

With such system, bye bye dead alliances.
That means better search (less alliances), better war alliance matching, … without changing anything else.
And no need to do it real time. Maybe once a week is enough (if it impacts performances). Or even once a month. The idea is just a cleansing from dead alliances while keeping accounts.



Just a thought that most people are not really interested in creating forums accounts and reading said contents( compare player to poster numbers). Probably they should not need to , but it does seem necessary for this game on occasion.

It would be nice if you could just login the forum with your game account and post ( probably need at least 10 more rooks to moderate though!!!), and that the game made the transition as seamless as possible, and included in tutorials.

I find myself in the unenviable position of being a newish player (7 weeks in) and a member of an obviously dead alliance. There are 5 of us that show up regularly to hit titans, but the other 20+ have been no shows the whole time. It is quite disheartening to put so much effort into beating titans, trying to gain materials to level heroes only to miss out by few thousand points because it’s just the same 5 with limited flags playing.

Leave the deads to rot and join a new alliance with your mates :wink:


Time to leave, plenty of good active alliances. Come join Gramp’s Gladiators, we are hitting 7 and 8* titans with players at levels 10-40.


Eliminate dead alliances?
Yes, why not, if they interfere with the performance of the game.
No, sometimes there are circumstances of life. You need to change some things of your monotony. And maybe not being so active in the game. Having that possibility of going to a dead alliance for a couple of days and resting, always seemed beneficial to me.

The alliance recruitment/search/refresh is the number one problem they haven’t addressed nearly enough. I’ve complained about it many times in this forum with no response from the devs.

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When you go to check out alliances, you can look at the members profiles to see when they were last active.

If you like, check out Magnificent Bastards.

I have to ask if when you say the “old-timers” are leaving if you mean from the game. Or do you mean from alliances?

Or, do you mean from your alliance, and you are now forced to fight lower level titans. If it is this last, it is on you fix that not the devs.

You are way not alone as reading the rest of the thread shows. Merger candidates abound if one is willing to put the alliance first.

Many old timers both in my alliance, which is one of the oldest around, and elsewhere. We have no problem filling ours, so no lesser titans. It is sad to have all those people who taught me, 9 months back, just quiting the game.