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This is a sheet that contains a lot of cool features!

We are still developing some new features, always check the Release Notes Tab for upcoming features.
This is a public sheet, all updates will be automatically made in this sheet. This is not the case if you copy the sheet for personal use

Please be kind to not mess up the sheet, this doesn’t only breaks the sheet for you but also for everyone else.
If you ever break something by accident or aren’t sure about anything don’t doubt to contact me on Line: shadow_ragan or Discord: Ragan#2516

Or join our discord where you can ask about the sheet.

Also this sheet did cost me a lot of time, to be able to work on new features any support I can get is always welcome.
Do you think you have the qualitites to develop new features, join our team today!

If you dont think you are the person to make features but do wanna support, you can always support us through Paypal. Don’t feel obligated you’re free to chose

Sheet Link:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UgSwGs2ADlUJdMdSacv2hPBFtCS7518Q0zTetCRhvSI/edit?usp=sharing

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