Empires & Puzzles rocks!


Yeah I also have a couple of issues with this game, but let’s make one topic about all the great things this game has to offer. Cause in it’s core, this game rocks!!!


This was not a good day to post this…there are a large number of players up in arms about some of the latest game changes. :smirk:


I’m really enjoying that the devs are utilizing the elements, more broadly. This began with Hel, and seems to be a more prevailing idea, as it’s incorporated into the new Nature heroes. I just noticed, while glancing at the new Nature heroes, that they have some effects which affect specific elements.


I noticed that too but the one nature hero that has it has the ability where it reduces the damage from ICE enemies. Ice enemies already do very little damage to nature enemies so i think this should be switched to fire enemies.


Sure. I understand what you’re saying. I wonder if that’s done intentionally. Hmmm. I guess we’ll see the results in time.


I believe this was done as Nature counters Ice so it makes sense to boost Ice defense. The ability (at least the one I saw) was for your team not just the hero.


The card says u gain defense AGAINST ice. So a blue attacking your green, which as it stands now would do little damage as is.


But it boosts your other heroes who are not strong against ice


And makes your nature hero nearly impervious to ice


I agree. It’s a welcome change.