🎨 Empires & Puzzles Official Fan Art Contest Summer 2019 - Discussion

This is main topic to discuss our Empires & Puzzles Official Fan Art Contest Summer 2019!

Please make sure to read our announcement (including timetable and rules) before posting:

Submissions should be posted here:


Can’t wait to see all your wonderful E&P art! :art: If you have any questions, ask away! :slight_smile:


Awwww yeah!! Now this has got my brain churning out some creative art direction! I am very excited to see what our E&P community has to offer! CHINGON!


What a fan-tastic idea!! Can’t wait to see the entries :sunglasses:


I think there is too many crative players out there but only few with spare time will post fan art…

Hope I am wrong. :wink:

Thinking out loud…

But if reward for #1 spot is playable card in s3 or in future events i think there will be more people who post art and who knows what tipe of card/s…

Do you dare to change reward for 1# and offer playable card instead 1000 gem? :grin:

Can be also for future monsters…

For me there is no better reward than that… but must be voted by special jury who is independent…

…or this is planed for s4? :thinking:

I hope also i can find some spare time and do more drawings… :slightly_smiling_face:

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What is swag package?



I don’t know exactly what it’ll include, but it’ll be things like a t-shirt, stickers, a poster, or other items that have logos or art from the game.


Yep, that’s about right. :slight_smile:


The rewards aren’t worth the effort.

Thanks for the feedback! I’m sorry to say but we cannot gift heroes (as that wouldn’t be fair to other players).


I didnt mean that you give hero ingame for 1# player but hers/his card to turn into playable card ingame from contenst that can be pulled thro summons.

Like person X win on contenst and X created good lookin card with some stats and with skil and you take that card as stuff and make slight correction and put it in beta… :blush:

Then if all good you put it in next HOTM or like regular hero that would be for season 3.

Hope i more clear about reward.


Oh I see, apologies for the misunderstanding! Yes, we did consider this aspect (and we would love to do it). However, there are legal aspects to this, so I’m afraid this might not be possible. We’ll definitely investigate the possibility for the next fan art contest!


All good! But now i wonder what legal aspect can it be?

Someone crate art and she/he take a video and sent to you that material is done by them is free to use without any fee, paid transaction etc and that they will be proud to be part if the game… etc i dont know what someone will say when give up his work and pass in other hand to be done with it what ever company wants but i know what i done in past with it and how i worked with my art that is passed to some games… i will not bother you with this cuz i know rights is not all the same in every coutry so we cant go deeper in discusion with it…

I will hope for miracle and to be done to this contest, too long to wait for next year… :yum:

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A dream would come true. I already made a fan card but unfortunately that’s my original character (kind of self oc) but I would make other heroes gladly :slight_smile:

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Fan creations

It sucks, but fan creations often have legal problems waiting to explode.

This comes up in the Modder community all the time.

Player A creates code, Player B creates improvements, Player C collects code from Player B, G, and N, Player T collects code from C, I, N and tries to sell it.

Who owns the rights? Who should earn money on it?

On videos it often involves the commentary track, especially if music or sound effects are used. But game analysis can also be plagiarized, especially with very popular titles.

Paid artists can still have these problems, but are often more thoroughly checks, trained, and aware of Intellectual Property issues.


But some Devs include Tuckerization of contest winners, famous alliances, in jokes, or volunteers.

2* / 3* troops paying homage to forum mods would be cool. Kerridoc would have to be a red shirt, er, troop :innocent:




Hi everyone, we noted the feedback that some players felt that the prizes weren’t good enough for the effort. We have now decided to increase the prizes for this contest, you can check the updated prizes on the announcement:

We understand creating fan art is time consuming and we really appreciate all your efforts! Good luck everyone!


How does enrollment work?

I hope I Wil create a character that ep Wil find great to copy and put on the game. I Wil not be angry. If they Wana contract me it’s fine to me too

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fire top top top … we continue to expect tournament prizes that were going to be increased … top top top will have many competitors for this project … Good Luck

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