Empires&puzzles ...its going down

With the last update ,and new costume chambers…this game …its realy going down…i dont know what to do …to cry or to laugh…the costume chambers has become o new joke for S.G…i must lvl up and ascend one hero at max again…even if the hero its allready max…im think u are complety nats…

U can level a costume for the hero that is already maxed…


Actually you only need to level up the costume, not the new copy of the hero you already got maxed. But be careful to max the costume on the already maxed hero (not the new copy) because costumes must be maxed per hero.


You are leveling up a costume. It’s much faster and less mat intensive. This game is designed to keep you moving at a slow grind and will never change. Where would the grind be if they have you costumes ready to use?


You only need to level the costume…it’s MUCH faster, and will only require one cape and one scope in this case.


4 star AMs are not required at all to max 5 star costumes. Only 4x 3 star unfarmable AMs are required for the final ascension (4 warm capes in this case)


The costume chamber may not be perfect and some will not like it. If you think it’s a joke than don’t use it. This is a game and nobody has forced you to play it or spend money on it. This game owes you nothing and can’t be expect to be fair or predictable in loot or pulls. If it’s not to your liking than simply stop playing…I for one enjoy the game and don’t expect anything from it. SG is here to make money and it’s a game/business that a lot of people enjoy playing. I apologize if this comment was harsh for the post made but I just hear so many complaints and wanted to through this out there. Play and have fun or don’t…rant over


I’m offended

Lol jk

Actually tempted to recruit…


Costumes are leveled fast and seem to be worth it.

Insane tile damage, deadly threat and defense debuffer even without emblems. Can’t wait to give her that additional might… :wink:

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You’re right, thanks for clarifying!

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I wish people would read…Nothing has changed from the initial release except you get the hero with the costume…


And what do you do with multiple costumes? They didn’t think that through at all. I got 4 hawkmoon, 3 tyrum and 3 brienne. What’s the point. Don’t waste your gems. Had I known it would do that, I’d never have spent the gems

It’s the same as heros. You know the odds…

You use the dupes to level the costume you keep. It gives a lot of XP.


I don’t really think costumes are great. It is a minimal upgrade in most cases. Like emblems… a slow grind for minimal stat increase. In my opinion, these incremental increases cost too much in time and money.

@Cuzzinator & @Rduke77

I highly recommend having a read of the Costume FAQs

it goes over all these questions you’re asking with cohesive & compiled answers.


It’s fun, not god mode :wink:

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Odds are different. In the notes ,they reduced the odds of Legendary and increased rare and epic. Plus there appears to be only 5 rare,which you will only find out if you actually look. So you end up getting the same rares over and over. In my 10 pull 1 got 4hawk moon, 3 tyrum 2 Brienne and a Skittleskull. Ever get a skewed regular pull like that?

Yes… it’s actually incredibly frequent that people get nothing BUT 3* heroes from a 10x pull at Atlantis or other summons…

But the same 3 stars 9 outta 10? I’ve gotten 2 a couple of times but NEVER gotten 4,3 and 2 of the same ones in one pull. Ever. So you spend more gems on the pull and end up with more duplicates and extra costumes. If you could do something with the extra costumes (like take 5 extra rares and trade for an epic for example), that would be one thing, but you can’t, and equipping the costumes on heroes you feed to others doesn’t add extra xp. So again, more gems for a higher chance at 3* heroes (and a lower variety of them to boot) isn’t worth it.

So what, you’re saying that the developers tweaked the code to make it purposely give you more of the same costume pattern?

You have to remember that the odds of getting a 3* hero are 71%. There are only 5x 3* costume options. So YES there will be a lot of double-ups… thats just maths…

And correction you can actually do something with duplicate costumes… Read the FAQs like I suggested (linked above).

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