Empires & Puzzles in Pax Romana

One only perceives some details of the game after getting more experienced. I decided to share here how it was surprising to realize that behind the lines there is a Pax Romana (it’s a period for preparation to the next war), not only relating to improvements in the armies, but also referring to recruitment.

The first feature of such preparation is what is called sister alliance. Through the maintainability of an alliance from where a main alliance can supply the need of a strong player, one can see that it’s an attitude of defense.

Defense against the thousands of alliances that are born everyday. Without taking in consideration external environment to the game, except the official forum, the Alliance Recruitment room is the thermometer for measuring the fever of preparation time. At AR it’s possible to perceive how the spirit of competition blows up anytime that any player with a relatively strong team gets in aiming to find another home.

Before such moment occurs, the recruiters are talking about amenities, spamming their advertisements and sometimes exchanging information about the game. Knowing that after an end of a war and the beginning of a new one (Pax Romana) in the AR room is impossible to read the chat, the alliances are using different strategies:

(i) Some alliances recruit with more than one recruiter;

(ii) Even with the complete number of players in certain alliance, a recruiter comes to the room to help a friend to recruit for that friend’s alliance;

(iii) The multi-recruiters strategy deceives potential rival alliances.

This point (iii) depicts the other two with a refined war strategy. It occurs when certain alliance identifies rival alliances recruiting before matchmaking, ponders whether those alliances can take away the same category of recruiters that that specific alliance is targeting. Then, one member (at least) of that alliance jump into the supposed rival alliance. That (those) new member(s) need to make the rival alliance confident enough to stop recruiting.

This way, the rival cannot perceive that got immobilized, therefore gets out of the AR room. While it happens, the envoy(s) of the rival alliance starts to recruit from the new alliance, allegedly from a friendly alliance to an alliance who needs players: their own alliance. It sounds like a recommendation for the naive lurkers who cannot imagine what really happened.

Without mention that the spy (spies) gets contact number of the members, in order to recruit them as well.

Generally, those members do not spend their titan energy. Only if they perceive that the number of wanted recruits is still high and they need to stay a bit more. By the time that the original alliance gives them a signal to return, without thinking about loot, they just leave.

The hosting alliance only can perceive the maneuver at that time. If any luck, matchmaking still takes a bit to start, then the alliance can still recruit. If not, recruits will be good only for the subsequent war.

There’re no ethics values during Pax Romana. It is possible that the interference in recruitment happens even in the official forum recruitment threads. There’s nothing that one could do against such procedures, unless to learn that in the preparation period anything is valid!

Entering an (active) alliance with the intention of recuiting is poaching, and considered as low ethics by many in the game.

I don’t know of any better method against it than keeping your alliance mates happy and not wanting to leave.

For sure. That’s why it’s important to collect all members opinions about important issues concerning the alliance.

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