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Thank you. This was really very nice but don’t notice best attack teams for certain color like now I need help for purple dragon do I want the fastest team longest life?


Ha ha ha. That is a very vague question. Depends on the Special Skill of the Titan itself to determine your line-up (as well as your battle items). Some Will say never bring in a like element - so leave out Dark. Depending on the Titan you may have a Dark that is equipped well to counter it’s special skill, maybe. In general these are some of the standard suggestions I’ve seen (leaving out the weak element) do 2/1/1/1, 3/1/1, 3/2, 4/1, 5. Where the higher # is always the opposing element (Holy in your case). Where for me on average I always go for most damage - so I’m a 4/1 (fastest or longest life is of little significance as I can offset that with battle items). I also have the bench. I would go 4 holy (whether fully ascended or not - yet at least full 3rd ascension) + 1 (where my +1 is always Wu-Kong) - so in this case I would be doing a 5 - all Holy (or maybe mix in another element for its effect). Again just my general approach.

The #1 thing the Hero Utility does is give you the tools: grades, gpa’s, ranks and history to aide you in the decision of 4th ascension - the most important decision in the game. Among many many other things.

If you do study up on it a bit, it will answer most questions as you can simulate the line up of your potential team(s) you take into any battle, or the opponents you are to face (less Titans). The game itself doesn’t nor will it ever allow you to do this - instant advantage.

The field grades for vs Titan and its gpa’s will suggest those known to be better equipped in the field in general against Titans. Otherwise the Hero Utility is best suited for everything else. Just going for Fastest team longest life - it would be those with the highest combination of Health and Defense and those with Fastest Mana and then factor in for team members with special skills healing and mana generation (again this can be offset with battle items though). Obviously opposing element is best.

@Vhart3 Hope that helps some. I’m sure several have nearly drafted small books on such topics because I could go on and on… and I’m certainly not the best of us at this game!

Be well and Kick some Titan Axe!


ccing in a couple who might have an opinion to assist you with a different perspective…
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I use Tarlak, Wilbur, Jackal, Joon and Musashi against dark titans. Replacing Tarlak with Wu would increase the average but also the variance, and against big titans I can’t afford to miss stuns from Wu. Tarlak lasts longer and heals, as well as his great buff.

This team is structured to bring

  1. an attack buff
  2. a defense debuff
  3. An elemental debuff
  4. A healer with strong tile damage

The more you can color stack within these roles, the better, but filling the roles is important. Note that #3 requires having a particular hero (Jackal, Panther, Falcon, King Arthur, Evelyn), so mostly that role goes infilled and should be taken by a strong attacker of the strong color against the Titan.

In my above team, Tarlak does double duty as the attack buffer and healer, leaving room for both Joon and Musashi. Joon is great for his blind, Musashi for his huge attack stat. Inari could easily urpsurp his spot some day.


My team against Dark: Wu (4/70), Vivica (3/70), Jackal (4/70), Joon (3/70), Leonidas (3/70)

Apart from Vivica all are average to fast mana. I generally don’t like taking slow mana to titans as it takes to long to get their special going.

The items I take: antidotes, arrow attack, mana
The 4th item depends on what I have on hand: time stop, tornado or heal

Definitely take the advice of Razor and Kerridoc.

Getting to know your heroes is key, have a play around with your heroes - do a couple of attacks with each team to see who works well together, etc.

Before attacking a newly appeared Titan, have a good look at what their Special does as well as their attack. Have a look at what heroes you have that could help you: attack, defense, heal/cleanse/etc.

Generally you want to take the strongest colour.

If I’m unable to take 5 of the strongest colour then I’ll go 3-2 or 4-1; depending on the Titan.


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New Feature Available in the Members Lobby for the Hero Utility - See the 5 options for Automated Tank Display of the Top-5 in the Utility across all 5 Defensive values the H.U. collects! Some cross-over of course, good few moments in doing it. ENJOY!

Other Options to be added. I really like it!


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Wow! Amazing information there… Going to make some time and read completely through it all…again, thanks for all you do Razor!


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Special Skills

Yes I am taking Members Feedback on this... Special Skills will be part of the Hero Utility again, very soon! Here is your opportunity to chime in. I kind of have my mind up - I however always give you guys an opportunity for feedback! I'm just ONE of the users... you are the many. I suggest you right click and open the image below in a new tab for easier reading. If your a member of the Users Group - you can also input your response in the T.M. E&P Users Group Feedback (the greatest influence with my decision resides with you). RaZoR

Unique look @ Top 100 LEADERBOARD Hero Usage now Available!
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Sounds good to me. Although i haven’t played with the utility much. It still confuses me a bit.


I think 1.

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Thanks again for all your hard work on your website, particularly the introductory section where you explain offense and defense. I know this is a hard concept for some newcomers to the game.

Looking forward to playing with your new utility. :wink:

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2019 will bring version #3 of the Hero Utility as well a Training video series on how to use and understand the massive amounts of data it provides at your fingertips for the ultimate decision support utility of Empires & Puzzles!


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