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@AngiMathochist glad @FraVit93 was able to step in on this one! I honestly have not even had a chance to check her out at all - I just know she isn’t the type you want to look at long, so i don’t think any of the opponents you face will want to either - so she is good in a Medusa kinda way right off the bat! Been busy with Zim (who has turned out a bit disappointing - only because I had such huge high hopes and now I have 4 of her)… unrelated I know that’s why I’ll be moving on to Inari who I picked up a few of. Hope your doing well and your team is growing diverse!



@ about 3 minutes in on the video below - I will brief you on the 'RAZOR'S EDGE' and the Hero Utility Mods/Status - to be released to the Members Group by this Sunday!

Don't Mok it up People!

There will be a short period of time beginning Sunday afternoon that Membership will be available FREE on the site - right hand side underneath the Members Login section.

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The Razors Edge sounds great, I’ll be casting it to our tv so my hubby and son can see too.

I look forward to the Group Chat on Wednesday (Thirsday for me coz I’m from the future mwahhaha) :sunglasses:


@Razor – thanks much again! My 3s are filling in nicely and my collection of higher ups is starting to look impressive as well, though few of those (aside from my main team and a couple others) are leveled much yet. I’m down to a few decisions I need to make for the 3s.

Again, my goal is 5 rares of each color, so I can do anything up to a monochrome team of any color in challenge events. I’m trying to keep grade A’s and a few B’s for variety and better rounded teams. I have a few partly leveled grade C’s and need to decide soon now whether to keep those and finish leveling them (saving a few resources) or eat them in favor of investing in someone better.

Purple: I have: mostly leveled Balthazar x 2 & Tyrum; unleveled Balthazar, Tyrum, & Gill-Ra; partly leveled Oberon. Need to choose 2 of these 4 to level and 2 to eat.

Yellow: I have: mostly leveled Bane x 3 & Gan Ju; unleveled Gan Ju; partly leveled Kailani. Need to choose between Gan Ju and Kailani for that final spot.

Blue, : I have: mostly leveled Valen x 3, Karil, & Ulmer. , No more choices.

Green: I have: mostly leveled Belith x 2, Brienne, Berden, Mnesseus; unleveled Belith x 2; mostly leveled Isshtak. Need to decide whether to hang onto that Isshtak or eat him. (He is grade B whereas my other greens are all grade A… there are so many great greens… I like him and he was one of my earliest heroes, but I’m unlikely to use him again now I have so many other greens leveled.) Need to decide whether to hang onto those unleveled Beliths or eat them. (I only have one other 3* healer, Hawkmoon, but I have multiple better ones now. Can I think of any situation where I would actually use more than 2 Beliths?)

Red: I have: mostly leveled Nashgar x 2, Hawkmoon, Nahamage, & Azar. No more choices.

Any input welcome. :slight_smile:


Ok E & P Addicts! Those who want a bit of insight into the RAZOR’S EDGE process follow this link and once about 1/2 way down “Each release it seems…” is the first line just above Mitsuko’s head. Enjoy.

Made a lot of commitments to a lot of people to have this done today (before NOON) as well data collection/reporting, and opening memberships again. Getting my game faegkalshueikjxcce fa ta fa face on. :+1::point_up_2::point_left::point_right::ok_hand::bone::tooth:


Gosh @AngiMathochist I’m booked for like now till Thursday - I wish I could put time into a response, I just don’t. Sorry Dear. Please come visit the TM site and check out the Nu H.U. . I know someone will be able to follow up with you on this on my/our behalf!
@Runecaster - what do you say? @Roxy_TM - step up! @FraVit93 - you up for another more in-depth assisting opportunity? @Kerridoc is certainly the “DOCTOR” of this here forum and probably one of the most experienced hero players from Rare to Legend that I know. Doc? Perhaps @MrsBCW can Jackle this one? :crazy_face:


Ty for the call, @Razor.

I’d say that if Angi want to compete on the leaderboard then he should pick defense debuffers, high ATK heroes, fast snipers and a bruiser, on top of seeing videos as @Wharflord’s event stages.

I’m working/trying to get those heroes (with Berden/Mnesseus instead Hisan’s rarity)



I’m going to refer this over to @Wharflord, Master of the Rares.


Purple: Balthazar #3 and Gill-Ra
Yellow: Gan Ju #2
Green: Isshtak is useful. Belith #2 is not. You’ll ideally want another sniper like Mnessus, Berden, or Hisan.


Thanks, all who replied!

@Wharflord, thanks, that’s perfect. And you’re right about the green. I’ve held onto the Beliths because I had so few healers. I was using them in wars for a while, but at this point I’ve got a few 4* and 5* healers so I’m not using the Beliths any more. The only time I will want them in future is for the challenge events, and I certainly won’t use 2 Beliths with Brienne. The only other 3* healer I have is Hawkmoon, so I think I’ll hold onto the second Belith for a while just as an extra, but I’ll also watch for a fifth attacker for my green team.


The 4th value classification has been added to the Hero Utility (The DaRk VeRsIoN) and the interface has been adjusted to be a little bit lighter. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Click Image for access to the full Introduction of the Razor’s Edge

Ap [Attack Power]

Dh [Defensive Health]




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Thanks, @Razor, I’ve put the CHAt event on my calendar. Which means if I’m not there, at least I didn’t forget about it!


Forgive my tinkering heart, but I wish Inari’s color (yellow) was just a touch darker.

(I know it’s a matter of judgement where to draw that color brightness line!) :wink:


I agree I’ll find a darker Hex Code that still passes as ‘Gold’. If you have one that you actually like/prefer - I will use it. I’ll wait to hear back otherwise I’ll put it on my list to get a new one that is easier to see! Thanks @Rook


Something like #AE9000 might be a bit better.


Thanks @Kerridoc
Well unless someone says differently it’s already live. Raz

I’m more than happy to keep messing with it - it’s always been a stickler for me…


Perfect! Thanks for all your hard work!!


Hi E&P - I finally got all caught up! Weekly review has been posted we had A LOT go on this past week! The data had been posted on the 25th so if any of you were using the H.U. you would have noticed that. My immediate plans are to get either the card version back up running with 100% updated cards and/or I’m going to have a section in the dArK version either embed in the Special skills section of the card (not the rest of it) or hand input it (the later less likely unless I can bend someones arm to help me on that). Sartana took an unexpected dive in the Top-5. Any of you attending the CHAt meeting today please take a moment to check out some of your heroes via the H.U. an review the RAZOR’S EDge section specifically your Ap an Dh values - let me know if you agree with them. Understand that I spent my time primarily with the Legendary Heroes as well the pool consists of Rare to Legendary Heroes - may be proposed that I continue that and also include a section for each of the Rarities ranks too.

Take care -==RaZoR==-

p.s. I have zero idea how well the CHAt feature is going to facilitate a meeting of minds… we are going to find out!

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Unique look @ Top 100 LEADERBOARD Hero Usage now Available!

My day went off the cliff yesterday. I missed something important…it’s right on the tip of my tongue…