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I really can’t understand this part of Heroes utality

Why does defense got 6 states and every other place got just 5?


Now if we look at GPAb - which I consider to be a more accurate way to measure Heroes vs each other (as you can’t be defense or offense only in any battle):

Gravemaker: 3.84 GPAb
Guinevere: 3.29 GPAb

A bit more comparative then looking at Offensive and Defensive Separately.

When I look into the Data of the USERS GROUP:
They identify their favorite Owned Hero as: Gravemaker
And their Most Desired Hero as: Alberich
(just by Total numbers)

Lastly, if I was given the opportunity as follows: Hey RaZoR - You get to have 1 hero FREE right now pick Guin or Gravy.

I’d pick Guin! LOL


Then if I could pick 1 of your 3 leveled Legendary ICE - I would pick King Arthur. Rarity just has it’s attraction as does history and Guin and Arthur - well enough said.



Simple answer is there is 1 more stat maintained in the defense grade than the Titan and Offense Grades.

Honestly I include them in the layout because there are a lot of people that use the grades that Anchor put together - and they are a basis for the GPA’s currently. a 5-5-5 would be nice, just not the reality of it.

You can review them here…

Otherwise you may want to direct your question specifically to Anchor who maintains the list!


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Hey Everyone! I Wanted to…

Introduce my protege @Runecaster - the Miracle Girl that went to a full EPIC team lead by LEGENDARY Aegir by the end of our session landing at level 9 - in 8 hours of total game play!

Rune these are all good people - this is just some of them (can only put so many names at a time). Strongly suggest you warm up to everyone on this list… make you a better player, PLAYER! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@AngkorKhmer @FraVit93 @Sorsha @keltik @Tamertain @Eddard @Ralsha @LucasDaoc


AWWW YEAAAAH… Can’t wait to connect with you guys!!! Thx for the shoutout @Razor!!!


Hi Runecaster, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


Awe, TY Razor. Welcome Rune. This is for sure the place to be for finding all kinds of amazing things. I’d be happy to help with any questions and of I don’t know I either know where to find , and if I don’t know I probably know a few others who do. Connecting and networking here is easy, jump on in!


11/10/2018 - Data has been Loaded…

  • Do Athena and Natalya stay in the closet?
  • Does Gravemaker continue his #1 streak?
  • What do Drake and Delilah have in common?
  • O’Hare? What about O’Hare?
  • We have a QUEEN? I can vote for our KING?

Find out with THIS WEEK IN REVIEW!

An extension of the Hero Utility…


Unique look @ Top 100 LEADERBOARD Hero Usage now Available!

good read for a new player, many thanks


You guys do am amazing job creating things to help us all out. You are much appreciated by all, just wanted to throw that out there.


@Vader2 Much appreciation back to you! Love doing it. Got something coming out really soon - a completely new set of Ranking using SGG data - ‘The RazorsEdge’ of course :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: As well I’ll be opening the free membership again soon - so join when it does!

-== RaZoR ==-



THE 1st EXCLUSIVE Members Only Grading Tool available through the 'Hero Utility' being Released this Weekend!

Not sure why this image is stretching after I post it! Ha…

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I’ll look forward to the Razors edge @Razor


Ooh I look forward to this!!


Looking forward to that Razor


Is there a Manual For Dummies to grade the heroes? I need direction… :slight_smile:


Another 3* one that hasn’t been graded yet: Gill-Ra. What do you think? I’ve done some reading and opinions seem mixed.


She is good on Guardian’s event, he is the only cleansing 3* hero and do useful stuffs as weakening foe’s ATK & DEF.

She is slow, Id say to keep only 1 copy of her.