Empires & Puzzles - Hero Utility (Bringing it All together for you)



I wish you the best in real life Mr! :slight_smile:


Best wishes for a successful transition, @Razor, and thanks for your valuable contributions.@roxy_tm thanks for stepping in for support.


Thank you @FraVit93 :smiley: Best always! -Raz


Thanks, Razor! I look forward to seeing your Blended grades. You’re very right that every hero has to do both offense and defense in every battle.

Don’t worry, I’m definitely keeping every 4* and 5* I get – even that third Skittleskull :slight_smile: – as I only have a dozen total so far. The question is which to level and how and where to use each one.

I’ve got Grimm on my main team right now, and unlike most of that team he’s not stuck waiting for ascension materials, so I’m actively leveling him. I’m not at all sure I want Aegir to replace him. On the other hand, I am trying Aegir out on my raid defense team in place of Grimm. Which means I do want to be leveling Aegir as well. Which means I’m splitting my blue feeders between them, which is less than ideal. If legendary Aegir had been clearly better than epic Grimm, it would have been a better situation, as I would simply have stopped leveling Grimm at all for now and then replaced Grimm with Aegir as soon as Aegir was leveled enough to be stronger than Grimm.


For sure, everybody!


@AngiMathochist if you were unaware Aegir came in with a overall A rating with an impressive Offense skill set. He did show up a couple times already in the Top-100 this week flank and center. I’ve yet to get the data fully processed. Congrats! - Razor


Hi E&P Gang! Data has been processed for this week (10/13) and is available in the usual location. Have a great week!


Hero Rankings - Just got better! See the Latest Report via the Hero Utility or just review this Weeks review on TitanMafia! Should be no surprise who the EPIC top 3 Turned out to be…

Unique look @ Top 100 Defensive Hero Usage now Available!

It’d be great if you extended Table 6 (Hero Position) so we could see how different heroes are being deployed.


@Kerridoc - added to the list! Will be coming soon my friend! Have a great day!


Thanks! I was also thinking that it would be nice if there were a 4* equivalent database, but there’s no way to collect the data but for raiding down in Gold, and then we don’t know who is “good”. Too bad.


I wish there was a dependable way to do it! Were stuck kinda guessing - except for the rare appearances of the EPICS - and of course it makes sense the Top 3 are who they are - All Healers with excellent special skills… In the future I’m going to start looking at that data closer especially who is on the team and which alliance/player it is to determine if they are a quick in/out of the Top-100 or not… etc… Sorry gotta run or would talk more on it! Best. - Raz