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I did, actually. What can you say about Namahage?

I’d rather be getting better than 3s, but at least I’m getting some strong and interesting 3s!


Namahage is a solid red 3*. Depending your purpose, better than Nashgar (who is very good).


Thanks @Kerridoc for stepping in on this one! Hope you are doing good. So how is your Atlantis Collection coming along - complete? I did pick up 2 of every 4 star the other day!


Hi @AngiMathochist That’s a good question. I’m glad @Kerridoc was able to answer you as he has actually used Namahage in beta. So he knows what hes talking about. Just wanted to login real quick and post some notes as I’m under a deadline. Catch you soon glad you picked up another one!


Hi everyone! Hope that you did well while Atlantis was in town! I suspect some of you also picked up Ares and/or Alberich if you were fortunate enough to! And of course the additional limited/special heroes!


The New Hero Utility - I hope to release between now and tomorrow morning… I have been working on it diligently for the past several days straight and was finally satisfied with one of the redesigns this morning.

Let’s consider it a special EVENT face lift. Ha ha ha. There will be NEW features as well some that you are comfortable with will be leaving - not forever necessarily!!! I unfortunately don’t have anyone to test it - and I’m limited on time right now. I know you are going to like it! I just know those of you regular users are going to miss the direct access to the hero cards (and I know I am)! I just let the mouse out of the bag… it’s scattering. So after its released I’ll see if it satisfies my expectations and if I’m ok with working with the new information I put into it without having the direct access to the cards - It will have the major data for all heroes. Well that was it for now! Catch you soon - and feel free to provide feedback after using the new version. - RaZoR


Missing Misandra; I didn’t do any pulls this month, so I’m also missing Mok-Arr. I held off last month for fear of getting a dupe Tarlak instead of a new hero this month. And I have Alberich and Ares from their debuts.


HERO UTILITY - the dArK vERsiOn - be Prepared to Experience a whole new way of looking at your Heroes… side by side. - RaZoR

Click for a Definition…

Click to access the Hero Utility…


Is there an address where to see the original format of the Hero Utilty?
I found that very helpful when sharing his pics with other peoples.


@FraVit93 currently there isn’t (due to many of them being outdated). There are still a lot of things on the decision table in regards to the utility and its future. The cards are still on the table :):smile:


Hi everyone! Data has been processed for 10/6. We have some EPIC hero Grading Changes as it relates to Titans. Drake ‘the Snake’ jumps into the Top 10. Data is available at the regular location. Have a great week. - RaZoR

Unique look @ Top 100 LEADERBOARD Hero Usage now Available!

Hi again! I really like this tool, but I also seem to be very good at drawing heroes that aren’t graded yet. I’m pretty happy with the first couple, mentioned earlier in this thread. But I just drew Aegir, and after a first look, I have mixed feelings. His only protecting 3/5 of a team at most is a real downside. I think he might be great for defense team and for titans, but I’m not sure about main attack team.

What do you all think? How would you grade him?


Patience Grasshopper :). It takes a couple weeks of testing before grades for Epic and/or Legendary Heroes can be assessed properly. Just like being tested in school on a particular subject, you take several tests before you are issued an initial grade. Rare heroes take much longer as many of the players that perform the assessments are high level players (of which, few if any, use rare heroes outside of Challenge Events). Such is your case, you likely no longer use 1* heroes in regular play!

Advice: Until you have 30 Epic/Legendary Heroes in your possession, keep any that you get. This includes lower rated heroes being they could get ‘balanced’ in the future by SGG. Just be very diligent when making 4th level ascension decisions before investing your time and resources!

Hero of the Month (HOTM): Statistically, they are great performers, period. So don’t have any worries about keeping him! Historically you are guaranteed that he is graded between a B and A+! As shown below:

The Blended GPA/Grade is something I’m working on that takes into account that NO hero ‘only’ plays Defense or Offense. In fact in every battle initiated by them or not, every other turn the hero is on Defense or Offense (and in reality there is only turned attacks between you and the AI – in which during your attack you can be strategic using tiles and timing between a calculated offensive, defensive or combination result ). To clarify: If your hero initiates the attack – Offense, Defense, Offense, Defense, etc. If your hero gets attacked: Defense, Offense, Defense, Offense, etc. So blending the grades together is necessary for a true estimate of value. The blended grade also uses historical leader-board information to add a factor to the blended grade - coming up with the most accurate estimate of value available (which automatically adjusts over time). It completely excludes Titan statistics, which has nothing to do with the purpose of the grade (and Titans are only a small portion of the overall game play - certainly not 33.333%). The Blended GPA/Grade is only valid for Legendary heroes, INITIALLY! I’m working on Epic now and Rare will follow.

@AngiMathochist - hope the HOTM list will give you confidence that you have been fortunate in your summoning! He’s a keeper! In a couple weeks you will have a solid Answer as to initial grading.

@FraVit93 - think you will be interested in this… as well trust me I miss the cards as well - they will likely come back in a future release. So just be patient on that (it’s hard for me to be as well).

@MrsBCW , @AngkorKhmer , @keltik, @Rook, @Tamertain, @Eddard , @Sorsha

@Kerridoc - your opinion is well respected in this forum and you have been kind to me - much appreciated. Thought you would find this interesting as well.

Unique look @ Top 100 LEADERBOARD Hero Usage now Available!

I’m very much interested in a completed “Blended Grades” List. Lemme know!


This is exciting!

And I know I have very little patience, the little I do have is used on waiting for Rare Mats :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just wanr to thank you and your team for putting this together, it is appreciated the time and effort you all put in :grinning:


Appreciate your hard work Razor. It’s help a lot with the plus and minus


Hi Gang! I was informed by my employer today that they have sold the company and close at the End of the Month. So my priorities and focus has to change to my next career opportunity. I’ll be putting any new additions to the Hero Utility off until I’m situated - likely the new year. I’ll continue to maintain it the best I can. Sorry to disappoint. I’m a one man show with all of this - and always have been (cat out of the bag). I will admit I had some data entry help (minimal) and harder to find hero card locating up front yet they moved on and that wasn’t much help in the big picture anyway. Just goes to show you how much I love the game, that I’m dedicated and I’m interested in you – in helping you in the best ways I can. I’ll be back to make improvements - I promise. I’ll still be around - RaZoR



Hey guys I wanted to introduce you to Roxy! She might help out once in awhile.

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Hello everyone, nice to meet you. Hope I can help maintain things a little. @Razor


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