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EXTREMELY… I expect him to overtake Guin by next Period. I recently took him to 4th (the debate was between him and Seshat who I’m very impressed with - however overall - I will be able to use Kunchen more).


kunchen is a whole different pain in the ■■■ but discovering 3-2 with a mana reducer been working well against him


They are different heroes, but while Kunchen is a high-level tank, perhaps the best, Seshat is a versatile hero, with huge cifeas and secondary. Together, I think that, since they have multiple uses, Gravemaker and Seshat are the only two unbalanced heres. with those arguments, to enter balance, both must be average mana.

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By the way, it is a bit surprising how Kunchen falls a lot from the flank, but it is true, for some technical reason that I do not understand, using Geneva and Kunchen as a tank and flank together gives me a worse result than using only one and flanking them with damage.

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That is an interesting insight into your experience. Geneva I suspect is what westerners call the MOTHER OF ALL MOTHERS? Guinevere? I will try running the two together (haven’t done so yet - haven’t found the need to)… Hmmm.

As to Seshat! She is awesome! I’ve used her at 3/70 several times and she has done well. She is next in line for sure (Kunchen had been waiting a long… long… time and greatly happy with his results to date even at 4/1).

Now I have him at

Seshat can’t wait…

Following her will be…
image or image
based on my current inventory.

so seshat or hel? that seems like a tough bargain


What I do remember is that, when Aegir was nerfed and mounted the mess, I said that he had missed an opportunity to have a variety of tanks. Now it is confirmed and it is a luxury to be able to use any color with a reliable tank. They have taken, but they have listened to the advice and the variety enriches the game. We will see more narrow the use margins.

As long as Geneva remains and Onatel remains solid, I think Seshat is ahead of Hel. Also Hel, in attack, can be supplemented with Proteo, Seshat is unique.

That is so strange @razor. I was never thrilled by Kunchen and until now I do not really fear him as a tank but is seems to work for some reason…:thinking:

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Are you considering HEL vs SESHAT D.S.?

Or did you mistake Khiona for Hel in my post you responded to?
(I have 2 Hels full - one of the best DUALS in the game IMO).

Now if that was actually a question for me… based on my use at 3/70 with Seshat in my Raid offense as well War use (test) and the many many offensive raids against her on D (which the verdict is she is an amazing Offensive hero) - she is pretty badass in the D role too, the many expert opinions that I have gathered (both mechanically and full leveled ownership) and my extensive experience with HEL x2 (I ran a SOLO HEL for well over my first year of playing E&P dating to June/July 2017). Perhaps I’m a little jaded & faded with HEL…

I wasn’t a true fan of HEL until I TWINED HER (the DUO) - that’s the TRUE MAGIC & POWER of HEL for me. Otherwise I’d rather go for SPEED and IMMEDIATE effect. That edge I would give to Seshat . A HIT 3 rarely does enough damage to Severely cripple or KILL (some are much better than others and some are FAST instead of AVERAGE Mana speed).

If you really need a hero that is documented as doing EXTRA damage to Holy and Holy is the main focus for your use of a DARK Queen - HEL should be the stronger consideration. Otherwise I would lean toward Seshat for all else. Just imo.



je sais pas encore ce que cela va m’apporter comme benefice, mais je vais apprendre a l’utiliser.

merci bcp.

Fair points. I guess it was my bias seeing him as a scary, need-to-be-first-dealt-with hero esp. at the beginning of the match. But I can see how he’s limited.



Not sure I’m going to be creating a GuiLDWare thread or not yet so will post some recent activity here…




This is a quick IN quick OUT and it is pretty much a ‘little job’ the CPU will always do better.

. It has some nice value in Emblem planning. Enjoy.

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What gives with the Utility? Yesterday got 503 error & today getting “you do not have permission to view?”…

Oh man, I’m sorry to hear that. That site is amazing.

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