Empires & Puzzles - Hero Utility (Bringing it All together for you)

Than you understand my pain a bit @D2z
I used to raid straight up to No.1 pre v17 using Joon/Hel/Guin/Hel/Mush

And it felt like forever for me to obtain Guin :wink:
In my case I’ll be moving them all to Sartana and Zeline and will leave the Hels both at cls1.

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I swear that she had a bit of a scowl on her face after the reset… kinda freaked me out. Ha ha ha…


I literally just got Guinevere myself from a very lucky coin pull and when she gets maxed I have no doubts she’s getting all my current Wizard emblems.

But my roster isn’t even close to yours. I am cheap to play. While I still think Guin is still a top 5 tank (3rd best IMO behind only Ursena and Telluria), you clearly have one of the better options in that spot.

So it makes total sense to reset her and give those emblems to someone you use more on offense.


The Talent Description has been added to the Hero Utility Cards.

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Completely makes sense @DaveCozy, I wish I could have kept her. She is an amazing tank. Just in raiding today she got me more than once (so frustrating - ha ha ha). I would argue that she is the 2nd best tank in the game… she will keep you in good hands.

The reset allowed me to take Zeline, Sartana, Hel and Hel from being 1st classed to the following:

Originally I was only moving the emblems to the Fast Wizards, I changed my mind due to time to achieve goal and cost… so the twins both got bumped up 2 classes/ea. (likely to remain there) and I will continue on with Z&S!

I feel this was a good move given the increases they have all received - they will all survive longer and do everything they did before, just better! :smile: :green_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart: :purple_heart:

The point being: no regrets as of yet :crazy_face:



Slight adjustment to the original idea (provided above)… What they look like now!


I think its your ALICE @D2z (she eats too many shrooms and pets too many cats and rabbits)…

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My Alice is VERY special! hahahaha!

I DID get to use my newly emblemed Hel :slight_smile:

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Speaking of that…in the past 3-4 months I have reset my old Guin defense one by one, lol. Kingston, Guin and Alasie were the last to be reset…Alasie just about a week ago.

Hel, Costume Sartana and Zeline got the Wizards
Seshat, 2 x Evelyns, and Alasie, got the majority of the Rangers.
Killhare, Panther, Delilah and Kingston got the fighters, and Tyr will get any new incoming fighters.

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Ha ha ha. Nice with Hel, love when she fires early on!

Great Wizards you have - we Ditto there just I’ve the Helx2 vs your Costumed Sartana.

Just maxed Evelyn! Only used vs Titans maxed so far, not sure she will get used much during field aide - have always admired her power being on the wrong end of it. Moving to Vela/Alice I’m suspecting your high classed Alasie was dismembered to disperse the emblems between those sited? Alasie has always been a rock for me, however see the need for adjustment here as she has the blems…

I think I have to bite the bullet and potentially strip Zim and Alasie and disperse among the Rangers with the major goal being to high class Vela for War D (she really is that destructive). Thanks for the nudge on that… I think. ha ha.

Kingston has earned rights for now to keep his 18… I’m weak in the fighter class (Do have Tyr, Fenrir, Magni, Yunan and another Kingston at 3/70). Misandra isn’t my style for regular use so shes not getting any more than 1 :slight_smile: - Great fighters you have (Panther and Delilah have evaded me and Killer… maybe next year lol).

Hmmmm. You got me thinking again. THANKS LOL. Best in War @D2z

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Here was a perfect example of why I would love to be able to reset single levels, or maybe 5 at a time. I did just redistribute after stripping Alasie…so she got a few levels back. Same with Kingston.

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Looks like 2 of my responses made it past the error will leave the 2nd in tact. Thanks D2!

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Shoot error when I replied so paraphrasing… Any reset option other than ALL OR NOTHING is better - simply put @D2z your ‘one at a time’ is a great idea. I just reset Khiona and had to turn around and 1st class her to give her back her talent… and its been done a lot - not a real reasonable approach to classing, thats kinda class-less. Ha ha ha, really is though (its double paying or repaying for what you already had to make an adjustment). Great Idea. What do you think Guv and Gentelmen - has this topic already been discussed/been brought up? Advise.

@Guvnor, @zephyr1, @JonahTheBard, @Gryphonknight

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The single approach would provide so much more flexibility and options to us players and still there is a charge &/or cost (in the redistribution itself) involved in most of it…

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@Razor: Partial Talent Grid Emblem Reset


I need help for the best talent path kageburado

like this

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@ALASTORH feel free to LINE me at RaZoRENP if you can. & in a brief will assist you.

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TM, Hero Utility, GuiLDWare & APG are LIVE again

Thanks! -=RaZoR=- 6:47AM AZ Time


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