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Following is the direct access link: https://titanmafia.com/#LEADERBOARD-REVIEW

@Gabby @Ralsha @jinbatsu @Battleschwein @Rigs (i’ll put link in that thread lol) @Guvnor @princess1 - just including some recents…

@zephyr1 if this is you (above last in recent joining list) that joined WELCOME! Hope you find value and please see the GuiLDWare preview for additional information.


Don not want to lose this response lol… may assist some here…

@Razor, is there a chance to creat a hero class calculator , where plyrs can hypothetically chose the path for there hero’s to shows the status for each step of it , to know exactly how things will looks like whn they chose there path of emblems … i will appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Um, are you a member of his site, TitanMafia? He has just such a tool called ClassNodeBOM(b) in GuildWare and it does exactly what you are asking.


Thnx @sft1965 , i will sign in … I’m not a member there

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@Rose_3000 @sft1965 @Gabby @jinbatsu @Battleschwein @princess1 @DoctorStrange @zephyr1 @Ber @MrsBCW


@Razor , thank you this a great work , :+1::hugs: if there is a chance also to add the original hero status after maxed , it also changed … and here is an example of wht I’m talking about the middle one is after maxing :


Definitely on the docket. I just need a true complete 100% accurate list! So if you or anyone knows where that can be found were in business.

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@Razor two potential spots:

  1. There’s this Then and Now thread:
    Then & Now - Side by side screenshots for Costumes

  2. If all else fails, 7dd just updated their stuff to include costumes.


Both were great leads for Costumes @Guvnor ! Would have loved having these before I moved forward on the visuals in the
latest release. I do have the classic/orig & the Costumed equipped values. The un-equipped costume values seem to be
the rare data points (3 were provided in this thread):


Hawkmoon & Tyrum

This data will be assembled by someone/posted somewhere for these 20 that is correct… and once it is, I can take that and add it into the standard/classic hero card (not creating a ‘new’ hero for the purpose - just a new data section - being neither class nor SS mods are made to them). I’ll put in a request to the TMPG Line Group - see if that shakes any trees for the full set.

Thanks for the assist and support Gov! RaZ

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Whts ur line group I will give u wht I gather till now @Razor ?

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friend me via razorenp and I can add you into the TMGP thank you @Rose_3000

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Finally I found you :wink:

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Only need Horghall, Richard and Quintus at this point if anyone has that information for the UNEQUIPPED FULLY Leveled hero - that hasn’t been classed the card would be great. You can also join me on LINE @ razorenp and I will add you into the TMPG


Please See the following entry for the Final version of the Costumes values and images:

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Finally gave us some finger room between the selection lists (also added in the ACE Review (will appear upper left-hand corner of the HU Card should it exist)).


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Actually meant to mention the user menu is a pain in the A on my phone

It takes me a few fat thumb moments to open anything i want(usin myself as example but i doubt I’m the only one, my thumbs aren’t even that fat)

Think i clicked the button below nodeBom a few times before actually opening the nodeBom

Would a drop down menu make this any less cluttered?

Good work as always @Razor

Above suggestion is just a thought and probly not a must have(though giving myself additional tasks by mistake can be time consuming lol)

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Yeah it is a pain. I just haven’t been able to revamp it yet it needs it I have stuff already in mind (a sliding menu from the left with much bigger selections and fonts for that)… its a pain to go back in and re-tool something you set a ways back. The selection lists as you say do need to be enlarged and separated. On my short list! @Rigs - and yes drop down lists is always an option as well.

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Nice well if it’s on the list then I’m happy

Until then I’ll use my pinky finger

Btw…may have to holler at you in line later about somethin else on my mind lately


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