Empires & Puzzles - Hero Utility (Bringing it All together for you)

@Kerridoc thanks for the feedback! That makes a lot of sense! Are you potentially one of the players in 1. or 2.? Awesome to get a beta opportunity. Love this game! Much appreciated. Raz


I’m definitely in #2. I’m just doing my last crop of 4* heroes, but I hope to have some new heroes from Season 2 in the next 48 hours.


That is great Kerridoc! Ok, 48 hours - you will do it! Really cool that your in the beta!

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READY FOR ATLANTIS. Looking forward to the 2nd season! I’ve got to get some E&P time in soon!!!


@Kerridoc - HOW Is your position with Atlantis Hero Obtainment going?
@tsoukalos, @Wharflord, @Sorsha,

Heads up on a new mod for the Hero Utility!


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91 pulls later, I have none of the new 5*, nor Drake, nor Hel. :cry: Of the other heroes, I’m still missing Wilbur.

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sorry if am slow. couple questions.

wat’s the diff between current & cumulative defense? & what’s totappear?

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Ah man @Kerridoc that flat out bites it. Sorry man. Ok so you didn’t pick up any of the big guns, however, some of those 4*'s from Atlantis I’ve heard are really powerful?


Current: The last data pull. So it gives you a better idea of where the hero stands in terms of popularity/use at the moment.

Cumulative: All prior data extractions + the Current giving you a historical view of popularity/use.

I’m releasing a FAQ on how Hero Rankings are being changed in the Hero Utility, just need to get it up onto the server. Once it is I’ll send you a link to it.

I believe that the appear I was referencing was in the Top 100 defensive teams when the data sampling occurs.

Hope this helped! - RAZ

You’re doing god’s work! Thank you for this!


@tsoukalos. @Kerridoc, @Eddard, @Sorsha

Hey Friends! So I have released a new LEADERBOARD Ranking Definition and its Now live in the Hero Utility. Let me know your thoughts on it! I’m open to other ideas as well.



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Amazing job right there @Razor! if you ever feel like trying to have this amazing tool in different languages I’m willing to help out with Spanish, many would benefit from it.

Thank you!


@Tamertain Thanks so much. I do have a lot more planned, however yes I think your suggestion is a good one! So I’ll bookmark your comment! Happy Titan Slaying! - RAZ

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Data for 09/01/2018 has been imported and processed for the Hero Utility. I’m wrapping up the summary of findings and posting them on ‘TITAN MAFIA’ (I’m available via chat for a bit on this website). The Defensive Statistics are already available in the ‘Hero Utility’. See what’s happened since 8/25!

@Tamertain @Eddard @tsoukalos @Kerridoc @Wharflord @Sorsha


Wow, I’m totally sharing this. What a great tool. Thank you!


Hi everyone!

The 7th data collection has been reviewed and released for the Utility.

Today I announced Empires & Puzzles 2nd team on Defense after watching it for some time and wanted to share it. The article is available now @ The Tier 2 ELITE Team - Defense

I’ve begun documenting each week in a review as well.

**** A NEW UTILITY IS GOING TO BE ADDED SOON THAT I KNOW EVERYONE IS GOING TO LOVE **** Stay Tuned to that section on the site.

@Ralsha @Tamertain @Eddard @tsoukalos @Kerridoc @Wharflord @Sorsha


The 8th data collection reveals 12 grade changes and the Atlantis A-Team! Did the Top 5 Defensive team get rocked? Review the summary at the usual location! - Razor

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Love this! Thank you for your hard work.
Any chance of adding a reset button so you can add different heroes?


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