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Totally hear you loud and clear and great fricken points @Kerridoc. I will be putting together a FAQ document and be addressing this and many other questions. Understand that data collection has just recently started - over time I will make adjustments. I have a lot of ideas and what I want most is to be as accurate as possible. One of the great things about the top 100 - there are 2 kinds of people in that group - players from the start and those that bounce in a couple times a month. The first group tend to have some way of leveling new heroes up within a couple days of release and test them… and if they are great in Defense - they stay, if their not they go. And this same group has all the HOTM (or most of them). Like me I started when Hel was released and she is one of my favorites - she just isn’t defensively the best fit into the top 5 combo of current I suppose (she is pretty solid in all 3 roles - Rear/Flank and Center). Well thanks for the feedback and trust me I will address your points as time goes on and data collection continues.

Last point, if a new hero starts showing up in the - CURRENT DEFENSIVE - then that means they are growing in popularity - so you will be able to see when this starts to happen. It will even out over-time. Again, I’m going to do my best to address. Thanks buddy.

  1. Players with deep rosters just build up feedstock in the TCs, rather than training lesser heroes during the month. Then when a new HotM or Event hero is released, they can pull out all those feeders and power-level them up. They may even be running one camp at TC20 to stockpile food.

  2. By and large the top players are also in beta, giving them the opportunity to test lineups in advance. I think you’ll see some new heroes show up early in defensive squads not because they’re great in defense but because the player wanted to flaunt the new 4/80 hero (or, more kindly, to confirm impressions from beta).


@Kerridoc thanks for the feedback! That makes a lot of sense! Are you potentially one of the players in 1. or 2.? Awesome to get a beta opportunity. Love this game! Much appreciated. Raz


I’m definitely in #2. I’m just doing my last crop of 4* heroes, but I hope to have some new heroes from Season 2 in the next 48 hours.


That is great Kerridoc! Ok, 48 hours - you will do it! Really cool that your in the beta!

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READY FOR ATLANTIS. Looking forward to the 2nd season! I’ve got to get some E&P time in soon!!!


@Kerridoc - HOW Is your position with Atlantis Hero Obtainment going?
@tsoukalos, @Wharflord, @Sorsha,

Heads up on a new mod for the Hero Utility!


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91 pulls later, I have none of the new 5*, nor Drake, nor Hel. :cry: Of the other heroes, I’m still missing Wilbur.

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sorry if am slow. couple questions.

wat’s the diff between current & cumulative defense? & what’s totappear?

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Ah man @Kerridoc that flat out bites it. Sorry man. Ok so you didn’t pick up any of the big guns, however, some of those 4*'s from Atlantis I’ve heard are really powerful?


Current: The last data pull. So it gives you a better idea of where the hero stands in terms of popularity/use at the moment.

Cumulative: All prior data extractions + the Current giving you a historical view of popularity/use.

I’m releasing a FAQ on how Hero Rankings are being changed in the Hero Utility, just need to get it up onto the server. Once it is I’ll send you a link to it.

I believe that the appear I was referencing was in the Top 100 defensive teams when the data sampling occurs.

Hope this helped! - RAZ

You’re doing god’s work! Thank you for this!


@tsoukalos. @Kerridoc, @Eddard, @Sorsha

Hey Friends! So I have released a new LEADERBOARD Ranking Definition and its Now live in the Hero Utility. Let me know your thoughts on it! I’m open to other ideas as well.



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Amazing job right there @Razor! if you ever feel like trying to have this amazing tool in different languages I’m willing to help out with Spanish, many would benefit from it.

Thank you!


@Tamertain Thanks so much. I do have a lot more planned, however yes I think your suggestion is a good one! So I’ll bookmark your comment! Happy Titan Slaying! - RAZ

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Data for 09/01/2018 has been imported and processed for the Hero Utility. I’m wrapping up the summary of findings and posting them on ‘TITAN MAFIA’ (I’m available via chat for a bit on this website). The Defensive Statistics are already available in the ‘Hero Utility’. See what’s happened since 8/25!

@Tamertain @Eddard @tsoukalos @Kerridoc @Wharflord @Sorsha


Wow, I’m totally sharing this. What a great tool. Thank you!


Hi everyone!

The 7th data collection has been reviewed and released for the Utility.

Today I announced Empires & Puzzles 2nd team on Defense after watching it for some time and wanted to share it. The article is available now @ The Tier 2 ELITE Team - Defense

I’ve begun documenting each week in a review as well.

**** A NEW UTILITY IS GOING TO BE ADDED SOON THAT I KNOW EVERYONE IS GOING TO LOVE **** Stay Tuned to that section on the site.

@Ralsha @Tamertain @Eddard @tsoukalos @Kerridoc @Wharflord @Sorsha


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