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As a want to fe python developer i really wanted an api so i can learn and enjoy at the same time and as an experienced data architect i wanted to allow multiple alliances a strong, secure analytical platform ideally for heroes, war and titan. This isnt hard to expose a read only restful api…

I guess the API is still not available for the time being. Quick question, if your opponent has mixed names in different languages, is there a better way to recognize them? Thanks!

I support the idea of a read only API so third party can build tools and for me personally to have the ability to have and keep information about the game for tracking and planning purposes. This would be useful for both people tracking alliances, people doing hero tracking/upgrade planning and so forth.

I manually extract the data for making a stats sheets for my alliance. I fully support having this data pulled through an API.

I’m very interested in the API, I think it’s a great help for us to better control the progress of the wars and the titan. If you already have a test running, or something I can contribute, I would like to have access to the api for my alliance.

I love the idea, but the security and privacy could be a bit dodgy.

I think the following might be needed for the idea to work:

  1. Use Google/Apple/Facebook login to access the data - this needs to map to the account used in the game to save game data, or private token per account (something that the game client exposes).

  2. Public profile information only if accessing non-owned account. For example, Player A can see all information (heroes, max storage, etc.) for their own account, but when looking up Player B, they can only see the basic stats (level, picture), the active defence team and formation, just like when viewing in the game.

  3. Public profile information will include war and tournament defence team if a war or tournament is active.

  4. Alliance members can access additional data from other alliance members: visible heroes, available war flags.

  5. Players have the ability to “hide” heroes. Similar to “locking” heroes so they can’t be consumed, heroes should have the ability to be hidden so that they do not show up, even for alliance members. If the hero is in the active defence team, for raids, tournaments or wars, then this won’t apply, i.e. heroes in those teams will always be visible.

  6. The ability to use the API requires an account to be at least some level, e.g. level 10, to avoid having scraper bots run just by having a game account.

  7. Rate limit the API - if the API is spammed, the calls could be 429 or even blocked permanently if the spamming is severe.

Added my vote. I’m a hobbyist developer and would love to just have a tool to manage my heroes, export lists and such to ask advice on Reddit or this forum. Having a tool like this would help avid players engage more deeply with the game IMO. I have several legendaries ready to level but haven’t yet because I haven’t had the time to really analyze or compile a post to ask more experienced players’ advice about it.

SG could monetize this API too, btw. I’d pay an extra $10/mo for access.

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