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It would be cool if Small Giant provided an API so we could build our own tools for the game. I personally would like the ability to pull stats from our alliance.

That would open a can of worms…I’m a developer (I’m sure I’m not the only one here) and I can think of at least 10 different tools/business ideas…They’ll never go for it…But it WOULD be cool !!! :smile:


Bungie did it, so you never know.

Reeeally ? Interesting…

I’m not a developer so I’m interested, what are the implications of enabling a read only API to pull alliance and your own player stats. These would be very useful.

Surely the big alliances have a method to do this. Hopefully it’s not all manual exporting of stats. Some poor person would have to have no life to keep up with it!!


@Gregsta Spot on. Read only access to alliance/player stats would be really useful. I was actually looking to see if APIs existed already so our alliance could take advantage of them… Give us a simple API! @Wormwood - I agree with you 100%

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Disclosure: I am also a developer :slight_smile:

I was looking to see if a read only API existed to build a tool for my alliance and found this thread.

So the question stands, Why would this be helpful ?

As it stands during each war we never know (and can’t realistically be expected to memorize) how many teams and the strength of each teams a player on our own alliance has remaining for attacking in a war.

It would be really cool if, each alliance sets something like a secret key (this is so another alliance cannot pull your alliances stats, only your own alliance can using the API)

So you could do a GET request (or a POST request but that would be done differently) to a URL which could be something like:

Sending this request would give you a response back of all the alliance members along with all of their heroes. As a cool addition to this basic functionality it would be very nice if this response could also show all the heroes that have already been used for attacking in the current war + remaining attack flags for the player in question.

A developer could use this information to build a password protected website for only his / her own alliance where all the alliance members can see which of the alliance players has what types of teams left to attack with.

This is really useful since in my (absolutely awesome) alliance, which this alliance is the reason for which I fell in love with this game … all the players are in different time zones.

Keeping up with each other in the limited in game chat system can be quite hard.

My real goal however, was to try and create something not just for my own alliance but for ALL alliances.

A website with a full featured chat system bundled with a mobile app, which allows all alliances to do the above.

Ideally … if possible I’d love to make this “extension” of empires and puzzles open source so other developers could contribute.

Anyways … that was a lot of ramble… Small Giant Games please consider giving us a read only API, I’m sure I’m not the only person with programming skills that has great ideas to make this game even better.

I would love to get in touch with anyone at Small Giant Games to have a discussion, understand the restrictions and understand what (if anything) is possible in terms of getting an API that us developers can use to make the game even more amazing.


Hi @Campbellony
Do you feel like this thread’s title could be better named so non developers can understand exactly what it is that us developer like folk are trying to achieve ?

I feel like non developers will read “API” and have no idea what it is we’re talking about.

Just a random thought that came to me.

My hunch is the non-developers will be indifferent no matter the title.


Not necessarily I’m not a developer and I came here looking for the same thing.

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Look at what blizzard has done with hearthstone you can have an access out of game to your deck of cards.There are also links that when copied to your clipboard, as you enter into the game it automatically builds the deck referenced in the URL, with whatever matching cards you own.
I might be getting my MMO is mixed up but even Lord of the rings online which is super old and now came out with an out of game access to your auction house via the forum.

A simple linking of your in-game account to your forum account would provide the security access, and a pass through URL which encodes your hero list could be shared at each users discretion with their Alliance. Alternatively Alliance leaders could have special functionality that provides access which allows them to see all the hero lists in their Alliance.

This would be a way for the game to keep control, by embedding access here in the forum. Undoubtably forum participation would rise which improves community activity which is a great indicator of the health of a game. This as an alternative of just allowing open Access to an API which could create security threats, or open avenues for revenue off the game which isn’t being funneled back to the game makers themselves.

The Can of Wormdora. :laughing:

Just think of War Planner v1.2, so on. That would worsen the chances for not-that-active alliances even more…

I am a fairly new player, but I have spent some time with my friend google looking for a solution… If I missed an existing application or thread, I apologize.

What I propose is this: an out of game portal or API access to a users hero list. This would be invaluable for more moderate Alliances in wars, where communication may be a hindrance.
For example using this existing forum, users could link their game login to their forum account which would then provide access to view and export our hero list and current stats - so this information could be shared easily. Honestly there are just so many ways that access to the mobile game data through the online portal could drive out of game content - look at Hearthstone for example.

Now I have to give a nod here to Kamikaze Assassin as I found her E & P Classes spreadsheet and it is freaking awesome! Well done, I am in love with you whoever you are. The sheer data entry that went into that alone is ridiculous.

So until we get a portal or an API for the game I have settled on copying the hero list tab for each of my Alliance mates, and begging them to enter their hero list into my own copy of the KA spreadsheet. Will players who don’t want to download an additional communication app in order to communicate for war actually use either the spreadsheet or an official portal? I can only hope…

So please take this suggestion from someone whose heart believes that everything could benefit from being just a little bit more nerdy! - PennyArcaid (Mel)

@Pennyarcaid You’re not alone in wishing there were an API, there’s a master thread for consolidating ideas, comments, and votes:

(@Kerridoc @Rook @Coppersky Possible Merge of Topic)


I think this would be bad idea. I noticed in alliance that i have lost members because i brought out a certain hero they wanted. To be able to access ones hero list at will kinda would make me feel like my privacy was compromised by other players.

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I think you misunderstand the intention, which is for a user to have access to their own hero list outside of game in a way that can be exported or shared at their own discretion not just to the general public.

If we can’t get the ability to export the war hit log or titan hit log, a user accessible API ain’t happening.


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This would be VERY cool, but the development level of this game would not survive the unpredictable holes/coding errors that would be created from the jump. Not a game programmer but very well versed in game theory.

First rule! Control the Platform! As a DICTATOR! Adding programmatic control is always an uphill battle and allows for compromised interactions. I am only playing BECAUSE of the odds engine (pain in the ■■■ it is). Given the allowances some are proposing, I could easily change that. I might even be able to steal a player’s jewels.

Or worse.

Sometimes getting what you want is not the best thing.

Certainly not for the sake of the game we currently have.

Aaaaaah, I would so love to build a tool totally for free if given some sort of API option … following any restrictions set forth by SG.

And I would totally be willing to let SG see it first and let me know what they don’t like so it could be taken out.

I think the ability to not share our heroes with our alliance (at our discretion, I really like that addition) is quite … hmmm … annoying

In our alliance (I’m not the alliance leader) we keep having to post what teams we have left during a war after attacks. Having some sort of tool would make war strategy much more involved.

Anyways … still wishing lol

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I’m building a war planner app that will make it easier for alliance members to view each others hero rosters and collaboratively form teams and assign them to attack specific enemies on the battlefield.

Currently, to obtain hero avatars, you have to take a screen shot of the hero cards and then do some image manipulation to optimize them for the web. Or, you can download all the avatars that have been gathered using the same methods from various fan sites. Either way, this is undesirable.

An API that would allow us to do things that can help the community build useful tools and resources to complement the game would be a wonderful addition and would surely help to cement the game’s long term health and popularity.

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