Empires & Ponzi Schemes

After 3+ years of developing my hero’s and base, I’ve decided to delete the app and quit the game.

People don’t like to talk about why this game is flawed, they just want to ignorantly continue to feed the machine.

I think the most disappointing thing is how after so much time my roster of hero’s have become irrelevant, and so quickly in this past 6 months or so. My troops, also are becoming irrelevant.

And so much time into all of them, 3 years and I just reached level 20 on my troops, only for them to release more that deem them obsolete.

The boards - whether it’s a titan or you are at battle in a war, they are not random. I don’t care what anyone says, if the game wants you to lose the match, it will. And somehow that’s determined right at the start.

And I’ve spent a good amount of money so it’s hard to walk away - but at this point I am so frustrated and sad at this games direction that I can’t continue the rat race any longer.

I play chess now, it’s free, and the game has a definite ending. Do I miss E&P, yeah, am I leaving a huge account out there in cyber space, yes - but all I have to do is think about my hero’s planned obsolescence, my time, and the boards - and nothing makes want to go back.


Is it only the game that is flawed or is it people to that are flawed?

Pulling odds are lousy but it is still the individums decision to do the pulls knowing the odds!

Irrelevant in what way?

Since you offer no prove for your claim and others have given prove for the opposite this is false.

Sorry to hear that. Good that you have found a replacement in chess which is a great game which I have been playing for about 50 years. :slight_smile:

Good luck.

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I’ve learnt some on ponzi schemes just recently, and I can’t figure out how E&P relates to it ?
Does someone else get it ?

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Just curious, is it this costume event that broke the camel’s back?

Ponzi schemes are a specific type of fraudulent financial investment program. There is no aspect of E&P that remotely resembles a Ponzi scheme.

Putting that aside, I understand that your fundamental complaint is a feeling that there is something inherently unfair with the dynamics of the game. It is probably right that you are quitting, there is no reason to play if you feel that the parameters of the game are misleading. Happy chess playing.

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Complain about summons cost or power creep and I’m cool with that. But when you start talking about rigged boards is where I tune out.


I too have played E&P for 3+ years … and boy how it has changed since S1….
Now my view is that the majority of change has been for the better - to keep things new and fresh …
But some changes have been well … just pants and don’t seem to work …
I don’t personally think the game is flawed… it’s addictive and it can drag you in, that’s how “gambling” games work.
So they tell you all the rules and all the costs and all the odds up front and we as individuals make a decision to play or not…. And then continue to play or not…
After S1, There has always been a trend of “power creep” and I agree it’s sometimes hard to keep up with the Jones’s if you don’t get lots of shiny new heroes.
So yes lots of heroes in rosters get left behind and sit on the bench 90% of the time. The same can apply to troops. But new stuff keeps coming along to make some of them relevant again - buffs, family bonuses, super talents etc etc …. So we just have to be patient…
With regards to RNG and Boards - I truly believe they are random. If it was geared against certain players that info would have been officially leaked by now….
So finally - sorry to see you go. But it’s the right decision for you if the game isn’t fun any more and simply leaves you frustrated. I wish you well in your future endeavours and good luck with the chess

My personal recommendation to any new player loading up this game is to be 100% free to play


You must not read the forum much. All people do in here is talk about the flaws in the game over and over and over. Fine quit the game because it doesn’t work for you but to think the majority of players of the forum mindlessly throw money in SGG’s wallet is completely farsical.


As others have mentioned - big time LOL. 90% of the forum is about people complaining about the game

Why? Give 5 or so examples of (non S1) heroes you have that were previously good but are now irrelevant. Throw some of your more recent acquisitions into that list for prespective.

Again, why? Do they no longer give a mana break for average heroes at 9 tiles? I have all my mana troops at 20-24 and I don’t see a reason to progress beyond there. I have a couple of magic troops at 11 too - and I don’t think I will progress them either. Troops have the least amount of impact on the game once you hit those critical 7->6 tile and 10-9 tile break points. There are other benefits to be had now that there are so many mana boosting passives and specials but you don’t need those to be competitive.

Can you tell me how does the game manage this if i bring a rainbow team? Genuinely curious how you think the algorithm determines what constitutes a losing starting board and losing replacement tiles. Also - what criteria does it use to determine that a loss should occur? I had a couple of weeks of 6 shots in war, why did it think I shouldn’t lose then - and then lose this week? And I often win streaks of 6 or more in reaids - why does it let me get away with that, and then decide I shouldn’t be greedy and should lose a few? How does it manage this across all million players in the game, and what is its ultimate objective?

Are you complaining about E&P not having an ending? To many that would be a positive thing. I have tried many other games that held my interest for a while and then fizzled out, or ended with nothing more to do. I like that there is an ongoing challenge in E&P. But if you want to add this to your list of negatives, fine.

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You guys want to continue to run on the hamster wheel? Have fun, you’ll never be good enough, if only for a flicker of time, before everything is systematically nerfed.

Enjoy your new game. When it’s time, it’s time.

Good luck on your future endeavors. There has always been designed obsolescence in this game. It just took enough time for the newest to severely outweigh the oldest. Each increment widening the gap, each person rationalizing their place in the game.

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This isn’t one of those “I’m Leaving!!! See ya tomorrow” type threads is it? If so, See ya tomorrow :wave:
If not then I fully feel your pain about the boards seeming rigged sometimes but I also have to remember the times I have taken 3 green heroes to battle and the board has opened with an emerald bouquet of tiles, so it’s rigged both ways really, at least thats what I tell myself.


I like to think I’m good enough. I have fun playing the game, you don’t. That’s life.

I hope you find joy and happiness in pastures new.

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm: :wolf:

For those of you who live under a rock, A Ponzi scheme is something you buy into and then get caught having to invest more to get out of. This game is like a Ponzi scheme in that you initially invest either time or money (in many cases a lot of both), to only need the newest hero’s or troops to stay relevant (and get out of your own accounts dormancy) which requires more time and or money.

If you need examples of heros, just pick any new hero and put their base stats versus S1 heros, furthermore comp their specials. It would be silly and a waste of energy to even debate.

Go hit the titan or raid or enter a war battle with a mono team and try to tell me the color of your team you brought was delivered evenly?

C’mon dude, it’s never an even distribution of tiles. It’s fixed every time. This isn’t even a debate.

It really isn’t. Because you are 100% undebatably wrong on this.