Empires and puzzles, will they have promotions for this Black Friday?

Empires and puzzles, will they have promotions for this Black Friday? I hope it makes cheap promotions.

Probably. Here are last year’s:


I don’t remember if they did last year, but what a great idea! I’d pay for a year vip is they really brought the price down, and probably some other gem or loot ticket combos. They ideas are starting! :face_with_monocle:

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Bringing this one back would be awesome

I know, i know…


Îs this possible???..

No way, the time this offer came up is gone long long time ago…

This I would clasify as a Black Friday special, not ones equal or lower value per gem as the every other Monday deals

Impossible empires and Puzzles

Unless they offer that or a VIP discount they can stick their BF offer into their… pockets.

I have to admit that putting BLACK knight for black friday is a genius marketing strategy.

If theyd offer emblems, hope it would be a lot more than before :star_struck:

Let’s hope that the promotions are proportional, for example, there are players who can spend a lot of money, but there are others who can only spend very little, who are proportional promotions so that everyone has the same possibility to buy

Empires and puzzles, is a great company, being proportional helps in every measure to the gameplay and the permanence in the game, that is why it must be proportional in promotions, not charging or placing the best items to those who can spend more

Are you posting from a parallel universe (question mark)


I beg to differ. There are constant shortages of everything, half the customer base is upset for one reason or another, and nobody even picks up the ducks that you shoot down over their campus - they rot into oblivion.

Now Small Giant Games, on the other hand, is a great company - at least in terms of getting people to part with their money for little to no gain.


Hey. Just curious but is there going to be a black Friday deal coming from ENP?

Lol, its like black Friday everyday for sg, this ppl will never give us something that cheap, they are money hungry, they dont care about there players.


Its a business - its a multi-million dollar business. The bottom line is top priority - like most if not all businesses that generate several million in revenue.

If I remember correctly they did offer some type of Black Friday offers last year and I think a Cyber Monday special too.
Let’s wait and see


There is a cyber week special already out.


Well the couple dollars off VIP is about as ‘black friday’ as they get. Don’t expect any hot deals.

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