Empires And Puzzles Royal Ball

So Empires and Puzzles hosts a Royal ball and ofcourse everyone’s invited.
The Dress Code is one of your favourite hero’s.
Who’s outfit/ hero would you choose and why?

Here’s mine:

If the ball is in winter…

Miki - his outfit just oozes warmth, thick fluffy and there’s nothing better than comfort, looks like a thick wearable duvet while being dapper+ it’s huge so there’s bound to be pockets galore where you can easily store and carry keys, phone, miscellaneous items at ease.That huge bone Tundra he carries might be a pain to carry, but atleast I’ll be warm and comfortable…

If the ball is in summer…

Joon - love the whole tribal theme of him, not many clothing so you will feel the cool breeze, since it’s summer, with a nice tan those gold tribal tattoo’s would be epic… Guessing you need to use gold leaf. Although tribal looking, there’s also an element of royal to him like a sun god… Might have to carry only necessity items as there’s bound to be only 2 pockets.

Grimble. I want that mustache ride. Alice come roll on through with her outfit to clean up.

Kiril, because doesn’t matter the kind of party it is I just need that BIG MUG of beer :beer:

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