Empires and puzzles leaving vietnam

Just another display of how much this company cares about money and not the players.

“Wait, the players can no longer buy gems and roll for heroes? Pshh **** em, we out”

They turned their back on a whole country…

It would really suck for this company if all countries did this.

Maybe they should re-think their gacha system.


This is not the decision made in one day, SG already knew about this but waited to the last moment to pronounce, I know some Vn fellows who just spent to summon in costume right before got the news. Just wow.


There seems to be a lot of speculation about why this is the case and how SG reacted. This allows us all to assume whatever we want to then discuss that assumption.

I doubt SG will say more about which regulation made them change and/or their reaction and discussions about the change.

If OP is correct I’d be interested to know more about why this law that went into effect at the beginning of the year only caused action months later.


Does anyone know when this will take place? Many Alli members in a friend’s alliance looking for answers, as is everyone else I’m sure - I feel terrible for anyone in this situation. I am just sorry anyone has to lose something they’ve invested so much time, effort and resources into. They need to be more transparent and actually give people some real info so they at least know when it’s going into effect.

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As I know, its effective now, the game is removed on google play and app store, so many of them wont be able to access next upgrade


Countries make and change laws regarding what services can’t or can’t be done in them all the time.

I work for a global company and we forever get notifications about a change in this one or that one.

Usually local lawyers on the ground will be engaged to see what the scope of the changes are and what you can do to mitigate them. There’s usually lead in times as well whilst resolutions are sought.

But it happens that we get told that’s it on the day and we were dealing with stuff the day before. Really it’s a case of trying our best to keep operating as long as possible.

But once a law becomes solidified and you know you have no way around it you just shut the door and walk away. I don’t blame SGG for this, from what I’ve read Vietnam were requesting some big slices of the pie for a lot of foreign game companies to carry on. But you try and keep going as long as practically possible, usually whilst the laws are being challenged etc etc.

But we own nothing and if it happened in my country then that would be that. Such is life.


Online game like Empires and Puzzles or Puzzles Combat is categorized as G1 and required a license to work in Vietnam but SG refused to ask for one. There are thousands online game out there so it’s hard for the authority to notice and take action, until a large amount of money go in their pocket.

What SG doing about Puzzles Combat?

Nothing. They still available, unlicensed, and innocent players still playing and spending.

The same thing will happen when the authority notice and ask them to make a license. SG then will refuse to do that, and then will apologize to players because they “force to leave due to local regulatory”.

Will happen probably 3-4 years later, sadly.

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They are trying to get the game back to Vietnam, lets just wait how long it will be.

And what, exactly, is involved in “asking for one”?

Based on other links in this discussion, it appears that you have to turn over a majority control of in country operations to a local company. Quite frankly, that’s not worth it to many companies with a wide customer base, and it’s easier/cheaper to just cease operations.

Based on the wording of the article (“we hope to return…”), it sounds like they won’t do anything unless the law changes. But that may just be a pessimistic reading on my part.

Why that law was made: Tax :grin:.

First move of SG: they increase the pricing in Vietnam by 25%. At least I can see they are trying to something :grin:

VPN should work well…

Those who tried using VPN and fail are either:

  1. Using a free VPN. Use ExpressVPN or NordVPN instead.

  2. Forgot to change the country in Google Play to match the country selected in VPN.

Most of the time its number 2.

Do remember though that you can only change country in Google Play settings once a year.


for players who are continuing to play this game vietnam . something is not right. is the price to buy in-game items. for android is too high compared to ios. 24 for ios and 30 for android. what’s the reason. Do you want Android players to stop buying items?

Eh? I thought some iOS users experience paying more than players who are on Android. Interesting…

i wonder how many players we will lose?

and i wonder how many ghost alliances we will get that still participate in alliance wars?

why is there money difference between android and ios ? in Vietnam

EP is no longer officially offered in VN. My guess is that you are on VPN to access the game still. Or changed your country of residence to another country to access EP.

That different country would have prices in that home country’s currency.

Please check whether the prices for both Android and iOS are for the same player, who has opted for the same overseas country.

If they are from different countries, then that would be like comparing apples and oranges.

what the ■■■■! I must say so! it’s the same player on 2 operating systems. and i have not installed vpn. and have not converted any country yet. still Vietnam.


You don’t even look at the picture. that I sent to you. You guys have underestimated the players. In the same country, the currency will be the same. all in d. Can you distinguish the similarities and the differences? i think you are blind


I get your frustration. News is that EP no longer has a presence in VN. Game not available in either Google Play or Apple store.

This is what I know about EP pack pricing: prices are set in base currency : USD

Apple uses their own in-house currency exchange rates. No exceptions.

Google Play will accept Game Dev’s pack pricing in home currency, in your case: VN Dong, rather than apply their in house currency exchange rates.

To maintain harmony between Android and IOS players, SG will defer to Apple pricing and adjust Google store prices to match that of Apple.

Now that EP no longer has a presence in either Google Play or Apple, I am guessing that pack prices for Android have reverted to non Apple converted pricing. Hence the difference.


V39 is being rolled out. I hope that you can download that update. :)))


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