Empires and puzzles leaving vietnam

Well, this is a sad day. My alliance will be loosing a valuable member. Does anyone know the story? A friend speculated is due to the new investment laws (https://www.whitecase.com/publications/alert/key-outcomes-foreign-investors-vietnams-new-law-investment), which would force zynga to open an office in vietnam or pay massive taxes. Anyone know whether this law will go away and if Zynga has further plans?!?


I would assume that this game is considered gambling in Vietnam.


It’s a fair assumption, I just can’t find any legal changes in vietnam that would explain the sudden shift.

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Download and install the game as *.apk and play it with VPN. It can work…


Yup for sure it will work

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How about in-game purchases? Can Vietnamese players in Vietnam able to use their local currency via VPNs?

EDIT: BTW, a thread was just recently posted (another link to what the moderator above has posted):

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Hello guys. I’m Vietnamese. Could i ask if im using VPN with my app installed n my phone. Is it working guys? Because im not great at technology. Thank you so much.

Hi. With or without VPN, websites not specifically banned in a country can be accessed by users in that country. This includes the community forum. But as to the game, only you will be able to know whether you have successfully logged in the game via VPN after SG effectively removed Vietnam as one of their base of players.

It could be due to the additional conditions


This is a tangent, but notice how they never say they’re going to refund anyone.

This is an example of you not owning a damn thing in this game, and not being entitled to a refund of any kind if your heroes get nerfed (or your entire account getting disabled altogether).

Food for thought.


Lamentablemente esta explicitamente aclarado en los terminos y condiciones del juego

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Wait for it in my country

I don’t think any company would be willing or even able to offer refunds if their services were shut down; especially due to the implementation of regulations by state actors, as in this case.
The link @BlackZed provided above shows that essentially the Vietnamese government is asking gaming companies to surrender 51% ownership of their operations there to a local Vietnamese entity. Am not gonna go into the absurdity of that which seems to becoming a prevalent thing in some countries.
You do make a valid and important point in saying that you do not own either the game you downloaded or anything you have purchased and you raise an important issue that concerns all and should be clear on everybody’s mind. It’s impossible to have ownership of pixels.
Unfortunately this is a trend that’s become prevalent with the advent of smartphones and cloud services. It extends not only to games but essentially everything that concerns the net. When one looks into the fine print of all those end user licenses what transpires is that users do not own anything. Not the software that we buy, not the services we pay for and most importantly not the things people create and upload on either cloud services or those social networking sites. Documents you create, photos you upload? Forget it. The moment you posted it somewhere it seizes to be your property. We do not even truly own the phones that we use to do all these things.
Often I came across posts by people regarding purchases in a game such as this as an investment. I fail to see the logic in it. Anything may happen and what one regards as something solid and stable vaporizes into thin air. Maybe am old school but you can only call something your property if it’s made of solid material. That’s why I still buy music in cds and printed books. As for this game, am c2p and simply regard my expenditure as something equivalent to a few cups of coffee at Starbucks. Just a different poison to spend some time


Thank you friend. I guess i have to wait then. :frowning

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Well there you hav it everyone money down the drain no Fs given. If this happens to us we just got to take in on the chin and except it. :+1:

Cant imagine how angry there are right now all the time leveling all the money spent. I feel for them


Nhà phát hành đã lừa đảo người chơi ở Việt Nam,họ không đóng thuế cho chính phủ.và đổ lỗi do chính sách.thật không thể tin được

When SG approve this announcement ? Anyone help me answer my question ?

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Pretty clearly not the case.

bulls*** decision. im sure there’s a way to bypass this but surely this is a ■■■■ move from ssg


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