Empires and Puzzles Hall of Fame - Anybody interested? :)

Hi all. I have idea to create E&P World Record Rank. I am ready to do it, but I’m not sure if there is enough interests to see that.

World Record Table will include some disciplines, where players and alliances can hit better score in a time. For example:

  • Highest score in Challene Events (Rare, Epic, Legendary)
  • The highest player level
  • The highest alliance power
  • The highest cup amount
  • The highest damage on titans per one battle (1*,2*,3* etc.)
  • The highest damage on titan (total) (3*, 4*, 5* etc.) (excluding 1* and 2* because some players can kill them alone)
  • The most artifacts, tokens etc.
  • Highest score in alliance wars (1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, … 28 vs 28, 29 vs 29, 30 vs 30)
  • Highest score in Raid Tournaments
  • Strongest defense team

To accept the record i will need a proof like a Screenshot.

Anybody interested? If it will be appreciated, I will change this post and start to lead it :slight_smile:


Hello! It will appear in this top only those who send a picture with the result? what about the others that are not aware of this article? seems a good idea for me :slight_smile:

Record must be prooved to be accepted. The screenshot is the way, but if there is a possibility to find it without screenshot, ex. highet player level, just let me say where I can find it and if I find, I will add.

The other players. Well… You have to tell everybody about this thread. It’s their interes to be awarded :slight_smile:

do i get an award for being the first player to play E&P while eating pizza?

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As long as you send a pic or a video as proof :wink:

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Do you have a photo taht confirms that fact? :slight_smile:

Btw. 20 likes of main post and I start this thread!

What… you don’t trust my word? :frowning:

Tell you what, you let me in on this world record thing, I’ll upvote the thread :smiley: deal?

LOL In reality it would be more like first millionth player.

I’d like an additional statistics page aka Hall of Fame.

Longest time rank 1
Rank 1 most often
Longest raid win streak
Strongest def
Highest titan hit
Highest player lvl
Most defensive wins
Highest cup amount

…to be continued…

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But I’m also watching netflix WHILE eating pizza AND playing E&P. how about that?

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Now that’s impressive.

Add in solving the GUT and you’re a winner!


The most things done while playing E%P :smiley:

Stupid idea. 99% of players dont use this forum. For obvious reasons. And most of the 1% dont care enough to bother.

Then make it E&P (Forum Members) Hall of Fame.

Or just add to the Ridiculous Bragging Thread.

After filtering all the mambo-jambo, satire and stupidity, the forum is a invaluable source of information and great help for players who want to benefit from the experience of more seasoned players. I’ve learned by my self about things like stacking colors, team synergy and building a roster gradually in a 3, 4 and just then 5* progression, before aknowledging the forum’s existence, but I wish I had guidance then, rather than stumbling around blindly. I vividly recall, two years ago, watching you tube vids and asking my self, why would someone bring more heroes of the same color to the battlefield, even if more than half the tiles used were blanks… little did I know or understand about the game at that time… I think all players should use the forum, for obvious reasons…


I have a high titan hit on 14 * purple

Greeting from The Judge.

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