Empires and Puzzles Discord Server ( Unofficial )

Hello everyone,

This is Viper from the Empires and Puzzles Discord Server

We are over 1300 Members strong, and growing everyday.

We have multiple chats for different languages, including a general chat.

We have special roles for Top 100 and Top 500 members.

We have Jeeves active and running ( Thank you very much Lumi )
For your time and effort that is put into this bot for us all to use!

We have an extensive recruitment section, and a perfect place to look for alliances to join.

We have a Mercs channel, if you need help finishing off a titan, this is the place to go

We have no limit to how many members can join us.

Cant wait to meet you!


A bump for @ViPeRxReborn

Good server to belong to, friendly and informative

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Bump for Viper and his Recruitment Server. A great outlet for many players in the community that can easily communicate with members outside their alliance.

Fun Conversation, Merc Assistance, Organized Recruitment Channels, and best of all, highly active moderators that love what they do!

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Bump again for this server. Viper has done amazing and titeless work. Great community with heaps of info and helps, Recruitment and Help W/Titan sections…
You wont find a more friendly helpful place for ALL your E&P needs. :100::handshake::+1:

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