Empire Elite has a few spots. 4600 team strength required, 11-13* titans, sometimes a 14*, no Line or Discord used #ChooseToChallenge

New members are welcome, we have 5 spots open…

come back whenever you want, oliz…but now take your time.

everybody else feel free to join if you want to be part of a laid back, yet ambitious alliance.

Thanks @InigoMontoya ,

you are in our thoughts and we will keep your spot reserved. stay strong.

Hey there,

we have now some open spots after a cleansing. We’re a long running alliance (over 3 years) that fights titans from 11* to 13* and have killed some 14* with a few flasks and we are always happy to share tips with new members and help them grow. Our chat is pretty relaxed, and we don’t use line or discord. All we ask is that you actively participate on titans and wars, using all your flags for war or opt out. If you are away for a few days or on holidays, just leave us a note, opt out of war and it´s perfectly fine. In wars, you do not have to set the clock and hit at a certain time, we are more relaxed there but still win the majority of them. We are here to have fun and of course we like wins, but not at all costs. We think too much pressure on the members takes the fun out of the game, it is always family and job first for us.

Our alliance members come from all over the world while our chat is in English.

Our requirements are:

2400 cups
Team strength of at least 4400
Enough maxed heroes to have 6 more or less competitive war teams
Daily activity: titans are a must. use all your titan flags first, then do your raids and farming. so are all war flags in case you participate.
Just be nice and relaxed person

We’d love to have you on our team if you meet the minimum requirements and want to join a fun, active alliance! Stay safe everyone wherever you are.

Hi. I would like to join a more competitive alliance. Do you guys have a spot?

We are currently at 30. I will repost the ad in case one member leaves. Feel free to join then in case you will not have found a new alliance at that time.

Hey Inigo, what alliance did you go to? Can’t believe they kicked us. I’m with the Red Dirt Rebels. I’ll miss playing with you and being teammates. :frowning:

Every alliance seems nice and friendly…till it’s not lol. Just takes one a-hole to stir things up. I’ve been in a dozen or so alliances. The best alliance is the one you make yourself. Just found it funny you were recruiting for these guys then it says you got kicked lol. I’m in the Hobbits of the North, of the North family of alliances atm if you get tired of playing with loser alliances.

Hey @JadePrcz , what happened? Looked like Empire Elite no longer exists! Did you transfer the leadership to a wrong fellow? @InigoMontoya ?

Hey Oliz,
no, Jade and I both left Empire Elite. We were talking about the alliance we joined afterwards. We were their two strongest players, maybe they did not like that. Do not know what happened to our old alliance though.

Oh that explains! Stay safe!:+1:t2:

Hey Oliz, sorry I didn’t respond sooner, just saw this, yeah Inigo and I joined another alliance together and got kicked together. I checked in on Empire Elite, the day after we left there were 5 or 6 players left then the next day zilch. Hope you are well!

Thanks JadePrincezz I’m doing well; it’s strange some alliances kick good players for no reason. Thanks for the feedback, enjoy the game and stay well!