Empire and puzzles is rigged - loot varies between accounts

Empires and puzzles game is rigged. This i know because i have many accounts. One account is over level 45 the other way below this. I noticed that when i farm season 1 level 8.7 i get considerably less troops and 1 and two star heroes than when i farm using lower level accounts.

I think it’s just another way SG wants players to use their credit cards more.



By Jove, how has this been missed!!!

Things like troops, items etc… All appear at random drop rates between set parameters.

Have a look at this farming guide which is comprehensive and has thousands and thousands of data runs:



The world is rigged by capital. Is that new for you? That’s the way it goes. Nothing to do except filling and emptying our wallets while it keeps turning.

But I don’t believe that there are pre-programmed differences.


I’m going to use my mystic orb :crystal_ball: and summarise the next 20 posts:

  • please provide all your data to prove your accusation
  • you’re right, this happens to me, it’s a conspiracy
  • it’s all based on a lot of random summons and pulls, of course there will be differences
  • I’m new and can’t start a new thread so sorry, but should I ascend Renfeld?
  • a considerable amount of eye-rolling and a soupcon of discrete snark
  • thread closed by @zephyr1 following a standoff between the SG fanclub and the Illuminati.

I think that should cover most of it.


to be fair, that compilation doesn’t take into consideration player level, so it’s possible that there’s a difference, but it’s averaged out in that data set :wink:

not that i believe in OP’s theory, of course.


20 sets of rolling eyes…


It has to be rigged for you to get angry and try harder . If is was easy and gave you everything you would complete it all in no time and then move on to another game.
They rig it to keep you here.

The problem isn’t that it’s rigged, it’s the fact that everyone keeps coming to forum telling everyone else when you should be keeping it to yourself. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think the forum it’s self is rigged really for not having included that word in the no no it’s a banned word list yet, lol, :wink:


And here I was thinking that loot was dependent on geographical location - like summons…


I also believe there are two type of accounts. It can not be that same guys are catching 5* heroes easily but some are heavily struggling all the time. Same with AM, some are getting 5+ every month but some just 0-2. Long term.

I tried to spend less multiple times, no more than 30 pulls and result was - 0 5* heroes.

Above written kills the game for me. Still playing, still can find a joy. But one day I will definitely quit. If all are unlucky then fine but this ridiculous situation that same guys are awarded on regular basis just is not ok.

I have 3 accounts between L55 and 70. I do suspect that there is some code that is linked to the level of the account, the map progress and who knows what else - almost like Watchtower will yield more and affect other income the higher you go.
I see quite a difference in loot income from Monster & Raid chests too for ham & iron. I do compare apples with apples here just to be clear. Same map stages, Raid tier, even cup dropped my main a while to see if I can find answers. There is definitely a discrepancy between the 3 but that may give that impression but have a more logical explanation. Rigged no.

For instance, the baby L55 account struggles to get more than 20 backpacks per day whereas the top one don’t. The mid one get less than the top but a lot more than the baby one.
The L70 account completed everything, the mid half of S2H and the baby only recently completed S2N. This does not proof anything of course but I do suspect that some or a combination of these factors may affect income.

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The ham and iron loot from chests (and possibly titans?) is related to your storage capacity, so will be different for different players, even two at the same level could be different if they’ve levelied their base differently (or one has VP and other other not).


It’s almost like everything is the game is RNG, therefore different between accounts.

Excellent summary Jonah, except for one little thing.

I was expecting it in verse. :rofl:


I sense a bit of sarcasm in your tone. :thinking:


I have noticed this but in the opposite. When I farm 8-7 with my main account (level 56) I get what I have come to expect as the usual loot there. 10-11 recruits, assorted farmable mats, 0-3 heroes/troops, etc.

But when I use my second account I get NOTHING. Zero, nil, nought, bubkus!

SGG please explain why it is that my second account at level 0 gets nothing when farming 8-7.

Thank you.

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This will probably mean nothing to you, but is helpful to me:


Some get a little, some get a lot, most get “just right”. This explains why—in nearly 3 years, no matter what level I gain—I still don’t have a single HOTM. :wink:

Of course, it’s much easier to say, “it’s a conspiracy!”


No, just a soupçon of snark

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It was supposed to be discreet… clearly I’m as transparent as Natalya’s duffle coat


[Carefully places phone on table. Toasts Jonah in absentia. Knocks back drink. Steps out the Moon Door.]


Nothing makes me want to spend $99.99 more than level 1 troops and feeders… I hope there are more than one in stock!


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