Emparejamiento de guerra está obsoleto

Me parece que el juego a medida que avanza con nuevos héroes cada semana se a vuelto obsoleto en cuanto a emparejamiento de guerra que un solo héroe nuevo te borre del mapa con solo 2 golpes quiere decir que hay una desigualdad brutal a la hora de enfrentarse en guerra de alianzas y se viene dando hace mucho la puntuación de Titanes, copas y equipos debiese actualizarse para volver a hacer entretenido el luchar

Google translate …

It seems to me that, as the game progresses with new heroes every week, it has become obsolete in terms of war matchmaking. That a single new hero erases you from the map with just 2 hits means that there is a brutal inequality when it comes to facing each other in war of alliances and the scoring of Titans, cups and teams has been going on for a long time and should be updated to make fighting entertaining again

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Now … as to your post:

The idea is that like is matched to like. So you are matched against the brutal new heroes if you are also in the stratosphere of the game where you have these heroes too. In practice though that often falls short …

If you want to make fighting entertaining again you can drop down a tier (or two) in wars and fight in a lower-ranked alliance. Or you can chase the “hero-of-the-week” yourself …

Personally, I prefer the former. Much less stressful. I only occasionally have to face these monsters in wars.