Emoji contribution list for e&p chat

So far I have : smile : : laugh : and : axe : no spaces, anyone else’s contributions would be appreciated :smile:. Also I just noticed when I typed those a list of them came up in the forum, can we use the same ones in e&p chat?


That should increase your repertoire a little


Omg, thank you.

20 characters

Thanks! This is awesome! :thumbsup:

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Lol gotta say since you showed me that and I posted it in line app, my alliance chat has alot more :hankey: in it lol

Typical humans. We are all in possession of pocket-sized super computers, connected with billions of people… and we still find cartoon excrement entertaining :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


How about :metal: and :beers:. I would love to have those added. Who do i have do speak to?

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