Emma Strikes Back looking for a couple additions

The title says it all. We have been growing quite well.

A couple of us have reached new heights as far as cups. #5 global by a member (#1 in Thailand as well, I have gotten to #1 in Portugal (130 global), our leader Zippo is often on the board as well, and one of our newest members hit #9 in Thailand (his personal best).

Ok enough bragging but we are growing.

200 cup requirement.

Just looking for active players. A few of us do chat a bit from time to time. No requirement there.

Just show up hit tians, participate in wars, play your game, and have fun.

We have been hitting 7* titans as of now and defeating them regularly. We have started seeing 8* and have beaten a couple of them.

I think that’s all.

If you have any questions let me know.

If your interested search for “Emma Strikes Back.” Leaders name is Zippo.

Hope to see you soon.


Following on from your post on another thread, and to avoid going off topic completely over there. Am sending a request, though I am not sure how much I could contribute in the alliance wars even when I am active and not caught up in other stuff. While I might have enough heroes to put together six teams, I am pretty sure most of them would be as much use a chocolate fireguard since many of my heroes are not levelled at all.

User name is silentunicorn653 (the standard google given name, but I happen to like being a silent unicorn so kept it).

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