Emma Strikes Back looking for a couple additions

The title says it all. We have been growing quite well.

A couple of us have reached new heights as far as cups. #5 global by a member (#1 in Thailand as well, I have gotten to #1 in Portugal (130 global), our leader Zippo is often on the board as well, and one of our newest members hit #9 in Thailand (his personal best).

Ok enough bragging but we are growing.

200 cup requirement.

Just looking for active players. A few of us do chat a bit from time to time. No requirement there.

Just show up hit tians, participate in wars, play your game, and have fun.

We have been hitting 7* titans as of now and defeating them regularly. We have started seeing 8* and have beaten a couple of them.

I think that’s all.

If you have any questions let me know.

If your interested search for “Emma Strikes Back.” Leaders name is Zippo.

Hope to see you soon.


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