Emilio Pairings

Hi all. Finally made the call to give up on Mono and commit to 3/2, 4/1 or 3/1/1

As such, I am slowly working out new team synergy.

One question I wanted to cover seeing Soul Exchange is around the corner and GM is up for grabs, what synergy do people use with Emilio.

This is my current line up

I have all the usual support 4* - CRigard/CSabina/CKiril/Gum/Prot/CBull

I see GM and Emilio working well as I don’t have CMarj

This is my main red team. Love the synergy between Emilio and Russell. Emilio burns all 5 enemies, so Russell gets 25% mana per turn. And Russell gives +10% on any healing for all red allies, so Emilio healing grows bigger.

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He works really well by himself, one of the few heroes who doesn’t need support. He does damage, heals, and his status block is OP.

He pairs well with Gravemaker, C. Kelile, Jean Francois, Russell. I don’t use him with any of those but they all synergize with the 2nd part of his special.

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