Emilio or Lady Loki? Also have Nadezhda at 3/70 - who to level up for offense only?

Got my last set of rings, but got 3 reds waiting.

Wanting purely for offense, as I got plenty defensive 5*

Would you guys go with Emilio, and play him with Nadezhda at 3/70 till I get 6 more rings?

Or go for Lady Loki?

Reds I have maxed - Elizabeth, Saoirse, Yang Mai, Garnet, Santa

Thanks for the input guys!

Based on your current team I’d look to replace Santa.
I’d rather have Emilio than Lady Loki. Block the effect at a faster speed than flip it. You already have garnet so both are a bit redundant.
Nadezhda would probably be more similar to current team allowing a slower healer to fit in. Emilio will speed up the team and protect you from status ailments.
I’d have a hard time passing up Emilio, but I think you’ve got that covered and have a team built for a longer game.

Also note Slayers have that passive bonus.

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A poll for everyone else

  • Emilio
  • Lady Loki
  • Nadezhda

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Thank you for the input and setting up the poll Ruskin!

I run 3/2 for offense, normally the 3 reds I use is Liz, Yang and Saoirse

Synergy with Emilio and Nadezhda at very fast seems cool to have, charging up at the same time, fire Nadez first then the bigger burn with Emilio with heal and blocking status ailment. Match those two up with 3 others (not red)

There are just very few red 5* cleansers, but you are right, if they’re blocked by Emilio (or garnet), doesn’t need to be cleansed.

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go for emilio. and get HOTM russel then u will get constant enemies burn

Sounds good, yup, got Russel

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