🎪 Emilio – 5* Fire/ Red from Starfall Circus

He don’t deserve 20 sosouls, 15 yes but not and 20.

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Was going to pull the trigger on Emilio myself but Saoirse is too tempting !!! But pair Emilio with Matilda !!! Really good options this SE !! Too good in fact !! I have choice freeze over Emilio & Saoirse. Same as Zuri & Quenelle. I chose Quenelle last time & ended up pulling Quenelle next CoK portal (should’ve chose Zuri) !!! I should’ve reasoned that Quenelle is still easily available in the CoK but Emilio & Saoirse are both as rare as each other !!! Why can’t u pull 2? Just this once, please !!

Wanted to know if it was confirmed that his ailment block can be dispelled? Thanks for the info

It is cleansable. I’m not sure why it’s written that way in the OP. But honestly, he goes off so fast I doubt it’s that big of a concern. Next to Ludwig I think he’s one of the best in the portal. Ailment block in 6 tiles is huge now days with bubbles, kullervo, c quintus, among so many others. I point them out because mindless can be a nightmare without the ailment block. Cheers!


I have costume Francine, costume Vanda & garnet so ailment prevention is not up there in my top priority if needs but the burn damage to pair with Matilda is what interests me but Saoirse wud FINALLY replace Gormek as my main def down in red. Do have Wilbur but not always best choice. This SE has some excellent choices !! Personally I think putting him next to Ludwig cud be a waste. He’s VF anyway & surely an average or slow speed hero wud benefit more from being next to Ludwig.


Those who have him, what are the downsides to playing with him? At this point my Soul Exchange choice is down to cFinley and Emilio, and I’m having trouble choosing.

That’s a tough choice. I just got my Emilio, so I can’t say much about experience with him on defense. Finley, is great for attacking, and in most cases, defense as well.

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I went with Emilio. Finley might have been the smarter move, but Emilio is just going to be way more fun.


I can’t count the number of times in which Emilio came in clutch to save the team from devastating status effects. Also his burn and heal seem small but they add up. Glad i pulled him in CF2. Can only recommend him as much as possible.